Numeracy Update

Julie Chambers
Julie Chambers

Dear Families, Students and Community Members,


As our senior students prepare for their upcoming exams, it is important to focus on a healthy study routine. Good nutrition, ample sleep and some down time away from the books to ensure they have a clear head and strong focus for each exam.


Mathematics is a set of skills and concepts to foster problem-solving skills and model the world around us. Students have been developing their understanding and application of these math skills through continued practise and note taking in their classes.


But how can we help them at home?

Pre-exam preparation – Ensure they have a dedicated quiet study space

  • Practise, practise and more practise…. Complete as many past exam questions as possible
  • Re-do questions that you got wrong previously and update your notes with your reflections about the concepts involved
  • Annotate worked examples explaining to yourself why you need that bit of working
  • Know definitions and key terms
  • Make a list of the information and check if it leads you to the use of a formula
    • Be familiar with the formula sheet provided
  • Make sure your CAS is put on charge the night before the exam.

In the Exam

  • Use your reading time effectively, identify the “easy hit” questions, 
    • Read questions carefully, especially if they involve tables and graphs of information. 
    • Re-read questions carefully when it is time to write to ensure you are responding accordingly and that your answer is in the form required
  • Draw a diagram to represent the problem and label as much information as possible
  • Ensure correct mathematical symbology is used where required
  • Any question worth more than 1 mark must have working shown
  • Be familiar with CAS processes and procedures 

Leaving the exam


Be satisfied that you tried your best and move on. There are no redo’s so let it go and focus the reflection into improvements for Exam 2.




The VCE Math staff send their thanks to all VCE students for a wonderful year and wish them well for their exams.


Julie Chambers

Director of Mathematics and Whole School Numeracy