Growing Our Capacity

Growth in OGEA!

One of the goals this year was to grow our capacity in leadership roles in order  to contribute to our growth and strength as a union. Here are the members of 2018-2019 who have stepped forward and helped with fulfilling that goal!


New Executive Officers:

Maripaz Berlin, Vice President, Indigo


New Site Reps:

Marnie Sharmer, Anderson Elementary

Kirat Sachdev, Baldwin Elementary

Skye Johnson, Bernal Intermediate

Yolanda Lemus, Davis Intermediate

Carolyn Verdugo, Del Roble/TWBI

Yasna Borne, Del Roble/TWBI

Yaneth Pisco, Edenvale Elementary

Eva Marcoida, ELTP

Cassy Garcia, Herman Intermediate

Natalie Kastrup, Indigo Program

Lisa Amador, Parkview Elementary (new to parkview)

Val Burrows, Parkview Elementary

Jennifer Miller, Santa Teresa Elementary

Colleen Donovan, Sakamoto Elementary

Teri Burke, Stipe Elementary (new to stipe)

Brianna Chenevey, Stipe Elementary (new to stipe)

Martin Greer, Taylor Elementary

Elizabeth Kerridge, Taylor Elementary


New Committee Chairs:

Jamie Backman, Elections Chair, Hayes Elementary

Kellee Humphrey, Equity and Human Rights Chair, Baldwin Elementary

Jen Spiteri, Membership Engagement Chair, Hayes Elementary

Brenna Juull, Organizing Co-Chair, Oakridge Elementary

Sara Overby, Organizing Co-Chair, Christopher Elementary



New Committee Members:

Karina Pinto, Elections Committee, Frost Elementary

Brianna Chenevey, Communications Committee, Stipe Elementary

Jennifer Lima Elections Committee, Davis Intermediate

Anne SanFilippo, Organizing Committee, Frost Elementary

Chelsey Myers, Organizing Committee, Hayes Elementary

Nancy Paul, Organizing Committee, Del Roble

Hanh Thompson, Organizing Committee, Anderson Elementary

Camille Redhill, Membership (Data Input), Indigo Program

Skye Johnson, Membership Engagement Conference Contact, Bernal Intermediate

Cindy Paigen, Grievance Committee, Bernal Intermediate

Kellee Humphrey, Bargaining Team, Baldwin Elementary

Aveneir Guevara, Bargaining Team, Bernal Intermediate(returning)


New Contacts Under Equity and Human Rights Committee:

Kirat Sachdev, LGBTQ+ Contact

Skye Johnson, Women’s Contact