Secondary News


In Stage 4 Agriculture, students have been tending to a variety of vegetables in our new garden beds in Ag Plot B. Our Farmbot is currently taking shape and will be completed in the upcoming weeks.


Meanwhile, our Stage 5 students have been preparing the soil for a trial in Ag Plot A. We will be conducting an experiment to see what manure (horse, chicken or cow) promotes the highest yield.  A thank you must go out to the families that have assisted with this process.


English Homework

Stage 4 English:


In Stage 4 English we have uploaded on our English Google Classroom details regarding reading, writing and spelling programs.


The spelling program is a compulsory Education Perfect unit, which is due weekly on a Monday. 


The writing program is a weekly written response, details regarding length, text type and topic will be uploaded weekly. This is an optional exercise. 


The reading program is also an optional exercise. Texts can be borrowed from the Leaders of Learning. 


Stage 5 English:


Year 9 are strongly encouraged to read, 10 minutes every night, to further extend their vocabulary. Texts can be borrowed from our school library to facilitate this.


Year 10 are also encouraged to read for 10 minutes every night. They should also be spending time outside of school to complete their English assignments.


If you have any questions in regards to English homework, please contact Miss Johnston