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Pathway to Secondary Education at St Philomena's Catholic School


Enrolment at St Philomena’s School is continuous across K-10. All Year 6 students will have a place in Year 7 next year and parents/carers are asked to confirm their daughter/son’s continuing enrolment in 2022.A new enrolment form is not required.


Planning for next year is well underway and parents/carers are asked to complete the attached Google Form by clicking on this link confirming your child’s continued enrolment in Year 7 for 2022.  Please complete the Google Form by no later than Thursday 9th September, 2021.



Each year, students from Years 3 - 6 are involved in our Public Speaking Competition. Throughout Week 7 (beginning 23 August) students will be presenting their speeches in class. To be eligible for the finals, students must be ready to present from the Monday of Week 7. Semi-finalists are chosen from each of the class groups within the grade. These students then give their speech to the whole grade and between 4 and 6 (depending on the grade size) finalists are chosen. Parents of finalists are specifically invited to the finals which will be held in Week 9 on Thursday 9th September, pending Covid restrictions. Parents do not attend the in-class presentations.



  • Allstudents are required to present a speech, on any chosen topic, to their class. We suggest that students choose something that they can speak knowledgeably about.
  • Speeches are written and rehearsed at home.
  • Parents are allowed to offer as much support as they can - this can include helping your child to write their speech.
  • Students are encouraged to use palm cards (not pages) during the presentation of their speech.

Time limits for speeches 

Year 3 and 4: 3-4 minutes.

 Year 5 and 6: 4-5 minutes.  


The criteria for judging includes how the speaker:

  • Captures and maintains the interest of their audience.
  • Makes eye contact.
  • Delivers their speech fluently.
  • Meets the given time frame.
  • Relies on their notes.

Should you have any questions regarding your child’s participation in the Public Speaking Competition, please contact their classroom Leader of Learning.




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