Sport News

Mr Derek Lennon, Head of Sport

Firstly, I send the entire Marist community my prayers and best wishes in dealing with the aftermath of the major weather event much of Brisbane is experiencing at the moment. Obviously matters sport pale in significance against the issues caused by the flooding. It was wonderful to see the local community come together to assist the college with the clean up at Des Connor Fields. It has certainly been a challenging start to the year for everyone, much like the last two years. I greatly admire the boys positivity and commitment, especially the Year 12s, and share in their frustration. 


I would like to thank the entire Marist community for being so understanding and flexible as we deal with, initially the event itself over the weekend, and now the aftermath with training affected and the potential for cancellations again this coming weekend. We try our best to balance the need to provide timely notification of cancellations against changing weather patterns. As we have seen this week, even the experts admit this is a challenge, so again, thank you for understanding. We want the boys to play and train, it is important for them.


Our sporting weekend started and finished with the swimming age championship. In very trying conditions for all it was highly competitive and a well-run event by James, Damien, Christine and the swim staff. This will have assisted the boys in preparation for next week’s AIC Swimming Championships at Chandler. The AIC heads of sport met online before sunrise on Saturday morning and were in unanimous agreement to cancel volleyball. Our primary concern was travel, with St Edmunds at Ipswich already dealing with road closures, which gave all of us forewarning of what was to come for Brisbane. Cricket and AFL were cancelled on Friday. 


At this point in time, all field sport training is cancelled. Many of you will have seen the images of Des Connor Fields from the weekend. This will remain closed at least until next week and Hayden and Cameron Ovals are also likely to remain closed until next week. Indoor and court sports and swimming have resumed but we will ensure the safety of all participants is the priority. Please have notifications active and check the College App regularly for updates and changes as we will get the boys back on the field as soon as we can do so. 

Swimming - James Boyce (Head Coach)

Last week the swimming team competed at Marist College Ashgrove in the College Age Championships. This was for many boys their last time to post a quick time to finalise a swim on AIC Day. 


We also announced our Captains Andrew Crook and Ryan Watts, and Vice Captains Angus Bathe and Josh Casey. These boys have shown many different leadership qualities throughout the season, which will be valuable for the week ahead. 


We also had the privilege of announcing the squad yesterday. This year's team is a little bigger than previous years due to the current COVID-19 environment. So, Congratulations to all swimmers named in this year's team. This team can be found on the app under swimming.


The best part about my job is to reward kids for their dedication and commitment to the swimming program in Term 4 and Term 1. The team's greatest strength is how many swimmers we have in our program. Yesterday we also announced a shadow team. These swimmers have turned up to all recommended sessions and attended Friday night meets. Even though they haven't been named in the squad, their selection in the Shadow Squad shows their genuine commitment and dedication to the swimming program. The swimmers that have been selected should be very proud of this achievement. 


We are now only 7 Days out from AIC Swimming Championships, and there is still a lot of work to be done if we are to go one better than last year. 


Congratulations to all boys who have been selected.

Sport Canteen

Sports Canteen needs for this week are currently being reviewed.


Sign up link has been activated for Volleyball -


More information about additional canteen requirements will be provided through the College app.