From the Principal's Desk

Have You Heard the News?

We're coming back!


Early this week the Victorian Government announced the easing of restrictions from 6 pm on Friday 29th October, given the early achievement of the 80 percent vaccination target.


This means that all metropolitan Melbourne year levels will return to full-time onsite learning as of  Monday 1st November. As we have a scheduled School Closure Day that day, and with Tuesday being the Melbourne Cup Public Holiday,  ALL year levels will return to onsite learning on Wednesday 3rd November.


This will be an exciting time for all, almost like starting a new school year. We will be able to recommence a range of activities, consistent with community settings and school vaccination requirements. This means that upon our return -to -school we will be able to:

  • recommence assemblies, liturgies, graduations, and the like consistent with community density limits
  • travel across Victoria for excursions
  • resume interschool sport activities
  • recommence our ABC Music programs
  • conduct transition programs for kindergarten students beginning Prep in 2022 and Year 6 students transitioning to Year 7 in 2022
  • have a range of visitors on site

As we return to onsite learning, the requirements that have been put in place to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission need to be followed, with a focus on the ‘three Vs’ of vaccination, ventilation and vital COVIDSafe steps.


They include:

  • ensuring any workers and visitors on site meet the current vaccination requirements
  • taking steps to maximise external airflow and good ventilation
  • all adults and children in Years 3-6 wearing face masks while indoors
  • implementing staggered break times for staff  to reduce congestion
  • reduce the mixing of student cohorts
  • maintaining physical distancing
  • maintaining strong hygiene practices.

For children and families returning on site this week please note the following 'Drop Off' and 'Pick-Up' procedures:

  • Families are welcome to come onsite but please observe the 'Stop, Kiss and Drop' signs placed outside each learning area. For the interim, families will not be permitted in classrooms, unless an appointment has been made with the class teacher. Adults will need to 'check in' , wear a face mask and are subject to community vaccination requirements.
  • In the afternoons, families are welcome to come onsite but please do NOT congregate outside classroom doorways or gateways. At the end of the day, teachers will dismiss children from the central courtyard.

Year Prep 2022 Transition 

Apologies once again for the technical issues encountered on Monday evening forcing  a rescheduling of the event. I suppose, the good news is that we can now conduct our Transition Session onsite. 


This means that our Transition Program can resume on the dates originally planned with a few adjustments:

  • Session 1: Thursday 4th November 2:00pm-3:15pm
  • Session 2: Friday 19th November 2:00pm - 3:15pm
  • Session 3: Wednesday 1st December 2:00pm -3:15pm

Full details have been communicated to families.


Please see below our revised Sacrament Schedule: 

First Communion

  • Year 4 Students: Sunday 14th November @ 11:00am
  • Year 3 Students: Sunday 14th November @ 2:00pm

First Reconciliation:

  • Year 2 Tuesday 23rd November @ 6:30pm

Shade Sails in Schools Program - 2021

I am pleased to announce that Corpus Christi School,  has been approved for a $25,000 grant for the construction of shade sails or a shade structure as part of the Victorian Government's School Shade Sails Program - 2021. A small piece of good news coming out of the pandemeic. 


Plans are under way to erect a shade sail structure over/around the decking area backing onto the paddock outside the Year 5/6 Learning Community.

School Improvement Family Surveys

Last week families received an invitation to participate in the Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools – School Improvement Surveys (MACSSIS). 


MACSSIS is an annual process whereby schools listen to the thoughts and feelings students, families and staff have about how their school can improve. These surveys help inform the ongoing improvement of schools across the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

One of the main goals of the family survey is to identify the strengths and areas for improvement in our school. MACSSIS data benefits everyone within our school and provides valuable community insights on areas that each school can focus on. Our school believes it is important to encourage families to have a voice and contribute to shaping the ongoing improvement of the school.


For those wishing to participate in the process, please note that the survey period ends today Thursday 28th October.

School Tours

As School Tours can now resume, I ask that you pass this information onto any families who are yet to determine a school  for their children enrolling in 2022.

SunSmart: Hats

As we return to school don't forget that in accordance with our SunSmart policy, all children are required to wear their school hat during Term 4 whenever outside. 


Have a wonderful week 

God Bless

Anthony Hyde