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A big congratulations to our Grade 6 students Lachie, Mitchell, Kai and Daniel for achieving their Grey Wolf award in Scouting. This award is the highest possible achievement in Cub Scouts. To receive this award, Scouts are required to complete a range of tasks, such as planning and running a hike for other Scouts, developing resources, attending outdoor activities and camps, and completing a number of other badges. Congratulations to you all! 








Join us for our first Sausage Sizzle of the year! All proceeds will be donated to the flood crisis in Queensland and New South Wales. 


When - Friday 25th March after school 

Where - Little Kids Playground (at Pumpkin Patch entrance) 

Sausages - $2 each (veggie sausages available cooked on separate BBQ)

Drinks - $1





(The more help the shorter the queues)

Please email if you can help. (2022 Parent helper induction session required to volunteer)


Early collection/Late drop off protocol

If you are arriving late to school, please sign your child in at the office and get a late pass to take to the teacher.

If you need to collect your child early – please come to the office to sign them out, we will either ask you to collect them from the classroom door or we will call them to the office.

Please, if possible try toavoid collecting your child during lunchtime (1.30pm to 2.20pm) as it is very noisy in the yard and announcements are unlikely to be heard, the classrooms are also locked so it makes it very difficult for students to collect their belongings.


Planning a Family Holiday during term time?                                                       Family holidays should be pre-authorised by the Principal. Please remember to notify the School in advance via:


Afternoon Messages

We offer this service for urgent messages only. Please contact the office before 3:00pm where possible, so we can ensure the messages reach the children on time.  

If you have more than one child it would be a great idea if they have a meeting place – we can then deliver the message to the eldest child to pass on to their siblings.


Book Lists

We do have some spare book lists available at the office to purchase – if you have not yet had a chance to buy one or if you are new to the school.


Excursions/Sport Activities 

All Greenhills excursions/sports activities are now set up in Compass as optional to families.  To approve/pay for these Opt-in events, please see below the quick explanation which shows how they are displayed in COMPASS.


Home Page, Go to Event Opt-in 

You will then be able to click on each event and approve/decline/pay or choose to use Credit that might be available for your family.

If you are having any problems/issues, please don’t hesitate to contact the office for help.



Thank you 

Victoria, Nicole, Kiera and Karen



Our Scholastic Book Fair will be running on Thursday 31st March from 8:45am-6pm, in the library.  Please come by while you’re onsite for our Student Agency Conferences and grab a bargain! Students will have the opportunity to take an early look at what’s available during their library session over the coming week.  

The Scholastic Book Fair is a fantastic way to encourage your child/ren to discover and read books that really interest them, but it is also an important fundraising event for our school.


Hope to see you there!


Growing Up Is Not Straight Forward - By Michael Grose


The pandemic has delivered change and upheaval to families on an enormous scale. However, upheaval is not new for some children, particularly those who’ve experienced illness, a loss of a loved one or who’ve moved home and changed schools. Each change requires acceptance, adjustment and an attitude realignment to help them fit the new circumstances. Every change is an opportunity for a child to grow and develop, if they are supported, and they’re not overwhelmed by the experience.


The twists and turns of development

A child’s pathway to adulthood, and the accompanying journey of their parents, is generally viewed as linear. Growing up is seen as a straightforward march from infancy, early childhood, childhood, adolescence, post-adolescence to adulthood. If COVID has taught us anything it’s that a child’s journey is full of twists and turns.

While your child has a developmental clock that keeps ticking over, it’s their experiences that determine their maturity and their ability to reach fully-fledged adulthood with the resilience, grit and adaptability needed to thrive. These experiences that develop maturity and coping capacities fit into two broad areas – challenging experiences and positive experiences.

Challenging Experiences

The challenging experiences that a child encounters enable them to build their coping capacities and develop their emotional resources that contribute to their maturity. These challenges include:


Disagreements, arguments and rivalry is part of growing up. Whether it’s a dispute with siblings or a fallout with a friend, negotiating conflict is a developmental task.


Rejection by a friend or group is hurtful and feels horrible, but it also builds a level of social smarts and judgement necessary for navigating relationships in later life.


This takes many forms including a friend moving away, the death of a pet or the passing of a family member. Loss is the cause of sadness, grief and heartbreak that can feel overwhelming. However, with time and support kids learn to cope and get on with their lives.


Losing a game, not being picked for a team, not receiving a gift they wanted are unpleasant but character-building experiences that help kids develop perhaps the most treasured resilience capability of them all – acceptance.


Mistakes are seen in three ways. They are activities to be avoided, signs of failure, or opportunities for further learning. Resilient learners know that mistakes, even initial failures, are part of every learning process so the risk of failure doesn’t hold them back. Children and young people grow from these experiences as coping and recovery generally build character, confidence and resilience.

Positive experiences

Though children and young people will inevitably experience challenging experiences, positive experiences help to balance the experience ledger by building a child’s identity, wellbeing and emotional collateral.


Knowing that a child is loved and loveable is at the core of their self-worth. Self-esteem and identity built in adolescence needs a solid foundation of self-worth.


Making and keeping friends is an essential life task linked to many aspects of happiness and wellbeing.


The ability to belong to groups through contribution fulfils a basic need. It allows children to experience real gratitude and feel needed, which builds self-esteem.


Fun, joy, excitement! Any activity that shifts a child’s emotion from unpleasant, low energy to pleasant and high energy is a good thing.


Involvement in enjoyable activities such as hobbies, interests, sports, music, games, creative and performance arts are central to healthy wellbeing. Activities that are fun, freely chosen and create flow (the ability to lose track of time) fit the criteria of play.

In closing

A child’s age and related milestones is a recognised marker of their development. However, their life experiences, as much as the number of birthdays they’ve had, contribute to their maturity, resilience and readiness for the wider world.



Parent Partnerships Leader- Roslyn Mackie 


Round 5: Friday 25th March 2022


Greenhills A VS Yarrambat  – AWAY




9.30am-10.30am approx.


Community Bank Stadium


Yarrambat PS

Hot Shots

Yarrambat PS


Yarrambat PS


Eltham Central Park


Greenhills B VS Hurstbridge - HOME




9.30am-10.30am approx.


Greenhills PS


Greenhills PS

Hot Shots





Greensborough Park



Congratulations to Audrey P (6LR) on winning Silver in the 50M Breaststroke, at the Northern Metropolitan Swimming Championships. Special mention to Ethan A (5JR) who also finished 4th in his 50M Breaststroke and Ella N (5JR) who finished 9th in her 50M Butterfly.


These are incredible achievements by all three students and definitely something to be very proud of. Well done!






Greensborough Cricket Club - U10 Coaches Award

Congratulations to Lachie L (4TW) who won the U10 Greensborough Cricket Club Coaches Award. He received this award for the encouragement he gave his teammates (and opposition) both on and off the field and for the GREAT sportsmanship he displayed throughout the season. 


Well done, Lachie! I’m lucky enough to see these traits every week during Phys Ed, so it’s awesome to see them being recognised at community level too. 


If your child achieves something special (grand final win, most valuable player award, best and fairest etc.), please email me ( through photos and an overview of the achievement to post in Contact. It is important to celebrate and recognise such successes with the school community.





Greenhills Primary School is involved in the Rebel Community Kickbacks Program

What can you do to help Greenhills primary School benefit from this program?

Staff, family and friends can link the school to their Rebel Active Loyalty Program account and instantly start earning credits.    


Thank you, 

Jordan Daley



This year, Greenhills Primary School will be offering Year 2-6 students an opportunity to participate in the ICAS Assessments. ICAS is designed to target students’ higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills in English, Mathematics, Science, Writing, Spelling Bee and Digital Technologies. Each assessment celebrates students’ accomplishments by providing opportunities for recognition and development. Every student will receive a printed certificate and an online results report. Top performers will be eligible for medals and are invited to attend special award ceremonies to have their academic excellence publicly recognised.

This year, Greenhills Primary School will be participating in the following ICAS Assessments: 

English - Students will read a variety of texts which narrate, describe, explain, argue, persuade and review. The texts will increase in complexity within each paper, moving from simple texts dealing with familiar subjects and topics to complex texts discussing abstract concepts and using sophisticated language structures.

Science - Students will focus on the knowledge areas of Earth and Beyond, Natural and Processed Materials, Life and Living, Energy and Change.

Mathematics - Students will answer a range of questions related to number and arithmetic, algebra and patterns, measure and units, space and geometry, chance and data.

WritingOnly available for students from Years 3-6. Students will be required to write a narrative or persuasive text and be assessed on their ability to write an extended response to a given task. 

Each assessment will run at a cost of $19.25, except for the Writing assessment which is $23.65. The assessments will be completed at school in August. If you would like your child to participate or require further information please contact Becc Stephens at by 24th June.


Becc Stephens

Learning Specialist

High-Ability Practice Leader 






Dear Parents and Guardians,


Club Fun! 

The clubs continue with many of the children enjoying participating in them each afternoon. This week saw the reintroduction of the “Cooking Club” and we got to make (and eat) some palmier cookies. These puff pastry cookies are really easy to make and don’t take long to cook before we can taste test! Last week’s “Art Attack” saw children practicing mindful colouring, and this week we will be decorating hands in an Aboriginal-style for a display on our wall in the service. Wednesday’s “Potterhead” club had children writing letters to Hogwarts and drawing pictures of how they would look in their desired house colours; this week we will be being sorted into the Hogwarts houses using special chatterboxes! On Friday, “Game On” had children practicing their basketball skills playing knockout! This week, depending on the weather, we will be playing baseball or UNO Flip. If your child(ren) would like to participate in any of our clubs, please book them in via the iParent Portal or by calling or texting us on 0437 928 183 or emailing 


Moov March!

Moov March is back and this year has a “Year of the Tiger” theme. We’re already two weeks in, and on Thursday afternoons children can join in on some fun team games. This week we will be playing a game called “Gauntlet”, where children have to run across the basketball course, aiming for cones with different point values while other children try to strop them. If your child(ren) would like to join in the fun, please book them in now for Moov March!


OSHClub's More Fun Than... 

OSHClub has a new competition that could see a family win FREE Before- and After-School Care for Term 2 this year for one child, for the recurring bookings made for the term. The competition runs from February 1st to April 7th 2022, with each child with a booking getting an entry into the competition, making it an even chance for everyone to win! Good luck!


OSHClub’s Back in the STEAM Room!

After a little over a month in the school library, we are back in the STEAM Room! We’re excited to finally be back in the STEAM Room and able to do all the fun activities that we weren’t able to do whilst in the library, like our cooking club, Just Dance and drawing tutorials on the big screen, and playing on the basketball court and tiger turf oval. Children in Prep are still be being picked up and taken to OSHClub each day. If you have any questions, please let us know by either calling or texting us on 0437 928 183 or emailing us at See you soon!



If you need to make a booking, please do so through the iParent Portal or contact the service on 0437 928 183 or Greenhills OSHClub is open 6:45-9:00am for Before-School Care, 3:00-6:30pm for After-School Care and 6:45am-6:30pm for Vacation Care/Pupil Free Days. 


OSHClub Service Phone: 0437 928 183  

OSHClub Service Email:

Coordinator: Megan Statham-Danckert  

Educators: Jordan Martin, Jorja Sullivan

OSHClub Head Office: 1300 395 735 or 


All families must be enrolled to attend the service, remember this is FREE!! Please create an account online at All bookings and cancellations can also be managed via the iParent Portal. 



Term 1 Week 8 - Presented at assembly Friday 8th April 2022 






Leila CPrep BHFor always showing a positive attitude towards your learning. Leila, you are a writing superstar! I love how you try so hard to record the letters for all the sounds you can hear in words. I am very impressed.
Acacia LPrep NDFor her clever reading this term. Acacia is working hard to understand the meaning of new words and understanding what is happening in the stories she reads. I love the way she reads with expression and uses different voices for different characters. Keep it up Acacia! 
Giselle APrep SMFor being a fantastic team player! You are so encouraging working with your partner and are being a fantastic mathematician at the same time. Keep up the brilliant work Giselle!
Patrick H1GCfor being a superstar maths investigator. Well done Pat for putting your hand up and sharing your ideas during our lunch box investigation lesson you made 1GC very curious with your wonderings.
Willow P1JCFor being a superstar writer. I love how each day you try so hard to sound out and record all the sounds that you can hear in a word. You are also an amazing descriptive writer which makes your writing so interesting to read. Well done!
Isaac D1KOFor finding tricky words for our grade to investigate and break up into parts to help improve our reading and spelling. You help make our class curious and want to discover more. Keep you your enthusiasm for everything Isaac! 
Harry C1TSFor being such a focused learner and applying this learning into everything you do. Harry, you are especially 'wowing' us with your amazing sounding out when reading and writing. What a superstar!
Georgina W2JMGeorgina has had a wonderful start to the year. She is testing her limits in the classroom and showing huge potential as a quality learner. You're a fantastic student to work with Georgina, great work. 
Thomas R2LOFor always being enthusiastic to try new challenges in maths and giving everything a go! Thomas, your enthusiasm spreads across 2LO and helps us all feel excited about learning new skills, keep it up superstar!
Chanelle L2SHFor your insightful comments during Harmony Week and showing such great understanding of what it means to show respect and kindness to others around the world. It was lovely to hear your vision of the world being united as one and loving each other. Well done Chanelle!
Fletcher VL3AKFletcher, we are SO LUCKY to have you in our grade. You are a supportive, respectful and caring member of our class and a wonderful friend. Thank you for being YOU and always demonstrating the Greenhills GREAT values!
Daniel F3MHFor sharing your message on Harmony Day that everyone belongs, and for being so enthusiastic about celebrating different cultures. I especially loved your 'Harmony Day' writing. Your grit and effort shown with your handwriting and presentation was wonderful! You are awesome Daniel! 
Killian G3RMFor always maintaining focus in class. Killian is switched on to learning and makes the most of every educational opportunity. He is keen to help others and goes out of his way to share his knowledge. Killian is an inspiration to his peers and a G.R.E.A.T Greenhills kid!
Lucas L4BJFor using amazing reasoning skills to justify his thinking. Lucas, I love listening to you explain your strategies and discoveries in all learning areas. You are so insightful and I love learning with you. Keep up your curiosity, Lucas!
Adara G4DSFor the grit and effort you have demonstrated during independent learning time. Adara, I am so pleased to see you solving problems on your own. Well done! 
Ashton N4TWAshton I love the way you always work to the best of your ability on all learning tasks. You are an absolute delight to have in the grade and are a great example of our G.R.E.A.T students. Well done!
Ryan L5BCFor being an excellent Grade 5 leader and always following the GREAT values. You're a role model to others, Ryan! Keep up the great work! 
Lucy 5JRFor her consistent participation in the classroom. I always appreciate and impressed with your contributions to the class discussion. Keep up the amazing effort Lucy.
Sophie G5REFor your positive approach and enthusiasm for writing narratives. I am blown away by your seven narratives and the twists and turns you have incorporated. Keep up the amazing writing Sophie.
Eve P6BSFor being a GREAT mathematician. I have been so impressed by your work with decimals. You can truly achieve anything you set your mind towards Eve, keep showing that grit and determination!
Archie B6SMFor being such a valuable member of the 6SM classroom. Archie always shows respect to myself and his classmates and ensures his gives every activity his best go. Keep up the amazing effort Buddy!
Shiloh M (5BC)ARTFor showing GRIT when working on the magic circle of her coil weaving. It is a tricky technique, and I was so impressed by how she listened and then persisted with binding the pieces together using a blanket stitch.
Luca G (6BS)MUSICFor your enthusiastic approach to learning about the many different facets of Music. I am always impressed Luca with the ideas, suggestions, and experiences you bring to Music lessons. Your curious mind is to be commended.