Student Voice 

From Our School Leaders - Will, Ella, Chase, Monique

Living Well, Learning Well 

This week we continue to focus on the aspect of 'I am Valued, Respected and Cared for'. 


This means that all staff at St. Joseph's School have:

  • A collective responsibility for all students
  • A positive, high regard for all students
  • A commitment to increasing learning, well-being, faith development and life-opportunity outcomes for all students
  • A commitment to being a skilled and helpful adult support for all students

It also means that our students:

  • Attend school and be part of the team
  • Be friendly (greet people)
  • Be positive - it's catching!
  • Take time out when you need to settle
  • Choose words and tone that are right for good conversations
  • Be a good listener
  • Care for our resources, belongings and well being
  • Be a helper and a problem solver

See below what some of our students have to say about being valued, respected and cared for at St. Joseph's School.