River Room


This term was a fantastic yet very quick term filled with lots of new faces and experiences. We said goodbye to our friend Lachlan who moved up to Sun Room and welcomed Varrun, Penelope, Ciaran, Archie, Chloe, Tahlia and Dion! We went from being a very quiet room to full capacity through the week in what feels like overnight. So far it has been very busy and it certainly makes our days pass quickly.  We have really enjoyed getting to know our new friends.


We have had some lovely celebrations through out  this term. We had Harmony day where the children created a fabulous collaborative art piece on a canvas which we still have proudly displayed in our room. We also celebrated Mothers/special persons day which is always popular. We had a beautiful morning tea with a fantastic turn out of special people and luckily for us the weather was perfect so we could have the event inside/outside. The children enjoyed doing activities with their loved ones and of course sharing the yummy array of food we had on offer. We hope all the special people enjoyed it as much as we did.


This term we have introduced primary colors for the children to experiment with and so far all the activities we have done the children have enjoyed. We have been offering different mediums to the children so they have a choice. They love to explore with  sponges, cotton buds, cotton balls on a peg or a brush. Often they just end up using their hands which creates some beautiful art. Giving the children a choice helps them feel like they have some power and control over what they do. We have been using watercolors and normal paint and have also experienced a sensory tub filled with rice also dyed in primary colors. These artworks gives the children the opportunity to be creative by feeling the textures of the paint and express their emotions through their artwork. Hopefully you have noticed all our wonderful artwork up in our room.


As i am sure you have noticed we have changed our room around quite a few times. We find the children really enjoy  the changes and often want to help us if we are moving things around. As the weather has not been ideal for us to go outside we have been bringing the outdoor climbing equipment in so the children are still able to use their gross motor skills and get rid of that built up excess energy . Unfortunately at the moment we have not been able to get out in our prams to explore the environment as we obviously do not want to get caught in the rain. When the weather improves we hope to get out and about.


As I am sure you will have all noticed Demmi has gone back to the Forest Room due to a reoccurring shoulder injury. Although we were very sad for her to go we were very excited to welcome Jess back to our room. We have also welcomed Kayleigh and Nura .


We look forward to the new term starting filled with loads of exciting new adventures/activities and just plain FUN !