Front of House

The past few months has seen Haven grow.  We have welcomed so many new families, and we are glad that they have felt comfortable and settled in very quickly.  It will be nice to host more events once again throughout the coming months, for our families to meet other families.


This month marks my two and a half years at this service.  I guess this is amazing for me, as it has taken me a while to settle into Centre's previously. The two services I managed in Dublin, I was with for 6 years and then the other 4 years.  On returning to Australia, the Centre I managed at Beaconsfield I enjoyed for 5 years. After I moved on from this Centre, I had two years at two different services.   

As I have experienced only 4 long term positions in one place throughout my career.  I know that for me I am loving my community.  The team that we have built, has been a credit to each of us. To the busy nature of our service, well this is also a credit to us, but to you our families as you share all the great stories about Haven and what we can offer children to give them the best head start into their Primary years.

This term I have started spending time reading up on each of your children’s development documentation.  This has been captured through learning stories and observations. The time the team have put into writing these up, adding photographs to go with their editorial and send them to each of you. I then love reading your comments, and feedback so you too are involved in your Childs learning journey. 


There is much to reflect in this newsletter, with the past 3 months passing so quickly.  I can say that the lockdown in April, proved to be easy for me to manage at Centre level.  I had a chuckle after organizing everything, as previous lockdowns, the stress was 90. This time around, as I have become so accustomed to the procedures, I sailed through them.  I have learnt so much over the past year, about the role our younger generation must play in this pandemic, and its one where they are not exposed to stress.  So, it is times like these you see just how important our industry is. The role we play in our community is imperative.


The excitement of Mothers/Special Persons Day again was epic.  The joy of having nearly 100 little persons dearest come to see them for morning tea, made my heart melt.  The food was delicious, the activities were engaging, and we just loved capturing all the special moments.  We are looking forward to term three, when our grandparents get to come and play for Pyjama Day.


Over the next 6 months I will be taking part in the Early Childhood Australia’s Leadership Program.  I have been selected along with 219 others to take part in this series.  ECA’s Leadership Program, will delve deep into leadership theory and practice aligned to the Victorian Early Years Learning Developmental Framework (VEYLDF), through participation in a dynamic and collaborative community of practice. Here I will explore my own practice in line with evidence-based leadership capabilities, and be supported to build skills in leading myself, leading with and for others, and leading within and beyond Evolve Early Education.