Hands on Learning

We would like to officially welcome two new members to Hands on Learning, Mitch Pesti and Dallas Smart. We had over 20 applicants to join the program and these two students were selected after our interview process. 


Our new space has now been painted thanks to our students. Over the coming weeks flooring and the new kitchen will be installed by local tradesmen. A much needed split system will go in and then we can permanently move into the space each Friday.


On Friday 2nd August, Steve Schneider from Hands on Learning came out to assist with our program for the day. As part of the program students are taught how to safely use each piece of equipment we have and get signed off to competently use them. Steve taught the students how to safely use tape measures, hand saws, clamps, hammers and power drills and they applied what they learnt by making tool boxes. These will be used by the students to work on projects around the school.