Classroom Stars and Achievers 

Please remember to send drink bottles and hats with your children every day

Stars of the Week

Brayden J

For completing a fabulous recount (Kyra Room 1)

Zanda F

For increasing his writing stamina (Ellie Room 2)

Krystal A

For always being a friendly and helpful classmate (Claire Room 3)

Amilie V

For always being ready to learn and being helpful in the classroom (Lauren Room 4)

Michael E-B

For his enthusiasm when learning about Beavers (Blair & Miss Laura Room 5)

Tegan S

For making text to self connections when reading (Blair & Miss Laura Room 5)

Zoe W

For working hard to achieve her personal goals (Mr Mitchell Room 6)

Cooper P

For wonderful kindness, every day (Mrs Gear Room 9)

Xavier C

For showing  more confidence in the classroom😊 (Miss Liv Room 10)


Outstanding Achievers

Brodie B

For being inclusive in the playground (Emily P Room 12)

Skyla OG

For using her sketching tracks to help visualise and then summarise texts she 

is reading (Miss J Room 13)

Indiah L

For cooperatively working with her peers when planning her Book Week 

activity (Miss J Room 13)

Ryan F

For working hard and consistently helping others (Miss Allen Room 15)

Sam S

For showing kindness towards others (Mrs Brown Room 16)

Felix W

For showing confidence during collaborative learning times (Mr Loader Room 17)

Hope T

For having a red hot go at learning tasks  (Mrs Bleicher & Miss Bigmore Room 18)

Caius B

For trying his best in all areas and working on his focus on the task 

at hand (Mrs Riddoch Room 19)



Koby P Room 4

For his thoughtful and creative approach when making puppets (Mrs Polson)

Matilda M Room 9

For her thoughtful and creative approach when making puppets (Mrs Polson)

Stevie S Room 2

For sharing her caring thought about our environment. Well done! (Miss Choi)

Zach V Room 5

For sharing his notes of Korean numbers with the class. Well done! (Miss Choi)

Xavier B Room 9

For his outstanding efforts in PE (Rick & Katherine)

Hailey A Room 6

For giving 100% in PE classes (Rick & Katherine)

Jed G Room 3

For his positive attitude in PE (Rick & Katherine)

Oscar R Room 5

For his persistence during class activities (Rick & Katherine)