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Year 6 RE Test

This term our Year 6 students will be participating in the annual Religion Education Test on Tuesday 18th June.

St. Vincent de Paul - Winter Appeal Fundraisers

During the winter months, we support the St. Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal to help families in need. Our target this year is to raise $1,000 for the Appeal. We have 2 fundraisers in the coming weeks (Wednesday, Week 8 & Friday Week 10). 

Please see the flyers below:

Family Mass

Please put Sunday 23rd June in your calendar. You are invited to attend Mass at 9.00am for our Years 1 & 4 Family Mass. This is a wonderful chance to spend time as a Catholic community and get to know the members of our Parish.


Early Bird Readers 

Congratulations to the following students that have completed their Early Bird reading charts. These students love coming to the library every Thursday and Friday morning to read to Mrs Michell:

Rosie Jolliffe, Harlow Howison, Layla Hopson and Grace Casson. 

Rosie Jolliffe & Harlow Howison
Layla Hopson & Grace Casson
Rosie Jolliffe & Harlow Howison
Layla Hopson & Grace Casson

NSW Premier's Reading Challenge

We are very excited to give the students at St Edward’s Primary School the opportunity to participate in the 2024 NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge. This is a proud tradition at St Edward’s and every student is invited wholeheartedly to participate. 


Every student at the Infants Campus will automatically be signed up to the challenge and read books from the challenge as part of their class and library sessions. 


Login details have been handed out to all primary students who are participating in this years challenge. If your child has not received their login details, please ask them to come and see Mrs Michell in the library or email 


Students can start logging their books today using this link 


Students are encouraged to log onto the PRC website from home, or access the PRC site using the iPads in the library in their break time. Students should now start to log books they have read and also discover books that are part of the PRC using the link above. If you have any problems with logging books or access please reach out. 


The Challenge runs until Friday 23rd August, 2024. Students can join at any time but the end date remains the same. 

PLEASE NOTE!! Any books on the list that your child has read (or you have read to your child for K - 2) over the summer holidays can be counted for this year’s Challenge.

Class Library Days

Cycle A - ODD weeks

Monday:          3M and 3E

Tuesday:         3P and 4E

Wednesday:  4M and 4R

Thursday:      2M, 2H, 2P, 2W. Year 1 students who bring their bags can swap their books. 

Friday:            All Kindergarten - every week. 


Cycle B - EVEN weeks

Monday:      5Q, 5H and 5 C


Wednesday:  6C, 6S and 6O

Thursday:      1L, 1C, and 1K. Year 2 students who bring their bag can swap their books. 

Friday:            All Kindergarten - every week

St Edward's Library Clubs

The clubs include:

Early Bird Reading Club:  from 8.30am every day when each campus is open.

Monday:         Lego Club - Primary

Tuesday:         Games Club - Primary

Wednesday:  Lego Club or Craft Club - Primary

Thursday:       Lego Club - Infants

Friday:             Games and Lego Club - Infants


Encourage your child to be a part of our busy, happy, vibrant library community by occasionally joining in with any or all of these activities. 


See you in the Library!

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