Principal Reflections

Dear Parents and Carers,

Close to the Classrooms

An important part of my role as Principal is to be a regular presence in the classrooms across both campuses. During my time in different classrooms, I often observe how our staff and students interact. Amongst the hustle and bustle of the school day, there are moments of complexity as teachers and support staff work to keep all students focused and engaged in meaningful learning. What I notice is a committed team of educators working diligently to ensure that every child has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential. This is a challenging task. 


Did you know that in a typical day, a primary school teacher may have more than 1,000 interactions with students? Not only do teachers have numerous exchanges with students, but they also need to interpret and support various classroom behaviours on the spot. While it may not be necessary for a teacher to remember every single interaction, they do always remember key details, such as a student struggling with a specific reading skill, or a student who has demonstrated success in an task or activity for the first time.  


Classroom preparation is typically done outside of regular school hours, a task that often goes unnoticed by most parents but is crucial given the complexities within the classroom. When deciding on classroom activities, teachers must consider many aspects of the classroom environment. Consistent and data informed decision-making is essential. 


Teachers often use past experiences, research based strategies and group dynamics to support and influence their decision-making in the classroom. Parental involvement and support are valued and considered for informed decision-making and help us to work together to create environments that are conducive to the best teaching and learning. 


As we wrap up the Semester One reports, I want to express my deep appreciation for our school community, particularly our dedicated staff. They are a remarkable group of individuals who navigate through the complexities of classroom settings to deliver a high-quality Catholic education for our students and families.


Until next week,

Keep smiling,

Alison Hatton