Sport News

Girls' Hockey

Despite a tough loss to Gleneagles, the Nossal girls' hockey team displayed unwavering determination until the final whistle. Each player gave her absolute best, showcasing immense passion and dedication on the field. Our relentless spirit was evident in our fierce defence and spirited attacks, making Nossal incredibly proud. Although we did not secure a victory, our teamwork and perseverance was truly inspiring. and having the boys cheering on the sidelines made the loss all the more bearable. The Nossal girls demonstrated what it means to play with heart and never give up, leaving a lasting impression of their commitment and sportsmanship. It was a memorable day.

Boys' Hockey

Unbeatable! On Thursday June 6, Nossal’s Boys and Girls Hockey Team competed at the Division Finals at Berwick Secondary College. 


The Boys team played against Berwick Secondary and Gleneagles. Combined with the experienced coaching from Ms Clarkson and Ms Vanstan, the boys team fought tooth and nail against the two schools and came out victorious both times, beating Berwick Secondary 3-0 and Gleneagles 2-1. Despite the intensity from the opposition, it wasn’t enough to stop a clean sheet and overall dominance from the boy's team.


Thank you to Ms Clarkson and Ms Vanstan for supervising (and coaching) on the day, as well as organising the teams. 


Best of luck to the Boys team for Regional Finals!