Student Well-being 

Year 5/6 Community


Focus: Puberty and Developmental Changes 


This term, students in the Year 5/6 Community have been exploring the different physical changes our body goes through during puberty and how it can impact us emotionally. We are proud of how mature and serious students have been throughout this unit! 


Across the weeks, students have learned about a range of topics including the different changes boys and girls experience, the scientific explanation of how and why these changes occur, and how to best take care of their body during puberty. Below are some of their work from this unit!


Students have focused their attention on what ‘body positivity’ means and wrote reasons of why they were grateful for their bodies:


They also brainstormed all the different emotional changes that a person might go through during puberty:

  • Feeling more tired 
  • Extreme moods (mood swings)
  • Maturity - take things more seriously 
  • Crying more - more sensitive 
  • Feeling flat - nurturing your body as it grows
  • More hungry - might get hangry 
  • Friend groups change - people you trust 
  • Reflecting back on things 

Students were then given scenarios in letter form and had to respond to them by giving their own words of advice.


They did a fantastic job offering comfort and advice! Check out their response letters below!



Lauren Borg

Student Well-being Leader