Around the classrooms.

Welcome to F/1 EM

We have had a wonderful start to the year with the Year 1's being fabulous role models for the Foundation students and the Foundation students giving everything a go with a positive attitude.



Welcome to 2024, Year 2 families 😊 

We have had a fantastic start to the term, learning lots about each other whilst having fun. We are looking forward to all the different things we have on in our school this term and of course learning together. 

This term we look forward to a wide range of events such as the whole school mass, welcome BBQ, Kelly Sports with Wade, Auslan with Tim, Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, R U OK? Week and much more.


Grade 3/4

Greetings as we step into 2024! 

The joy of reconnecting with our students was truly heartwarming, as their enthusiastic faces and smiles welcomed us back. Engaging in conversations, we listened to  stories of their summer break and explored their hopes and dreams for the upcoming year. Sharing insights into their hobbies and personal traits, the students used their creativity into crafting unique pieces of artwork that reflect who they are. We have spent time setting up our classrooms so it feels like ‘home’ to them. We extend a warm invitation for you to visit and witness their amazing creations and amazing learning spaces. It is unanimous, we are all happy to be back and in our classroom together and looking forward to the year ahead. 

Grade 5/6

The senior students have started the year off running.


Year 6 leaders have already demonstrated excellent leadership skills as they interact with their buddies, complete their daily ‘jobs’ and assist in the running of assemblies and Mass. 


Grade 6’s were THRILLED  to receive their shirts following Mass last Friday.

Grade 6 students with Fr Caldow after mass.
Grade 6 students with Fr Caldow after mass.




Grade 5’s have also stepped up and shown they can be fantastic role models as they assisted the year 1 students at Fridays Mass and during the buddies session in week 2.


The senior classes have been busy learning about factors, multiples, rounding and expanded notation in maths. They have also been refining their times tables skills through warm up activities.


In Literacy we have been reading an engaging text about Polar Bears that has a strong focus on adverbial phrases. We have also been refining our sounds and suffix knowledge. 


Our inquiry unit is all about democracy. We have been learning about different communities, what citizens are and the three levels of government.


Religion has been focused around St Brigid, the founder of our school. We have researched St Brigid herself and made Brigidine crosses.