Inclusion & Engagement 

Bushfires - Student Wellbeing

As some members of our community are currently being impacted by recent fires, we understand that our students may be experiencing a range of emotions and challenges. Your child's emotional wellbeing is important, and as a school, we want to ensure that our students and families feel supported during this time. If you believe that your child/ren have been affected and require additional support or assistance, please feel free to contact the school to discuss any concerns. Together, we can navigate through these challenges in partnership to ensure that our students feel understood and supported.

Parenting support

All parents and carers need support to build confidence and skills or to discuss specific concerns. POnline and phone support:

  • Confidential, anonymous counselling and support for parents and carers of children of all ages. Call 13 22 89 or visit Parentline.
  • Resources and advice on supporting your child’s mental health and links to 24/7 phone support line for children and teens at Kids Helpline - parents.
  • Free parent coaching service at One on One Support.

Supporting Student Transitions

A successful transition from primary to secondary school involves a student being able to move as seamlessly as possible to their new setting. Mt Rowan are offering school tours and information sessions for Year 4, 5 and 6 students and family members.