Classroom Stars and Achievers 

Stars of the Week

Poppy P

For showing courage coming into class in the morning (Rick D3) 

Huxley E

For coming to school with a big smile and setting up for success (Holly D4)

Aria D

For having a go at writing a weekend recount!! Well done Aria😊 (Miss Hannah D5)

Sasha M

For making a great start to the year and settling into classroom routines so well (Miss Woodfield/Miss Kennedy M1)

Arlo B

For being brave and making new friends (Mrs Brown M2)

Cooper R

For always being organised when asked (Claire M3)

Ruby G

For going above and beyond when helping others.  Beautiful work! (Miss Muller M4)

Ellie S

For working extremely hard during writing time to sound out her words. Well done! (Jaymie M5)


Outstanding Achievers

Fletcher P

For showing the school value of kindness to his peers in the yard and outside (Lauren B1)

Edwin B

For finding trigraphs and quadgraphs as extra homework (Troy B3)

Aaliah P

For embracing new learning tasks (Mr Loader B4)

Kobe J

For building his learning confidence (Mr Loader B4)

Ethan C

For doing a great job at sharing your text response at your first conference (Jessica B5)

Harrison R

For always working very hard in class (Mr C S1)

Emma I

For being so responsible with remembering to lock the bike shed each morning (Mrs Riddoch S2)

Jazmine R

For consistently displaying her work in an organised manner. She sets very high expectations! Great work, Jaz! (Rebecca S3)

Ava C

For displaying outstanding courage (Matt S4)




For an amazing start to the year in PE.  You all listen beautifully and try your best with all the new skills you are learning.  Well done! (Katherine/Miss Wood Physical Education)


For an excellent class of jumping high and leaping hurdles.  You all gave it a RED HOT GO and we were so proud of your positive attitudes! (Katherine/Miss Wood Physical Education)


For being the STEM class of the week (Mr Brown STEM)


For being the STEM class of the week (Mr Brown STEM)


For carefully following instructions when learning how to paint over oil pastel drawings with food dye. The students also respectfully and patiently waited for their turn to wash their hands at the end of the session.  Well done! (Mrs Bleicher Visual Arts)


For being responsible and respectful learners when painting their colour wheels. It was also wonderful to see everyone showing initiative and working as a team during pack up time.  Congratulations! (Mrs Bleicher Visual Arts)


For being quick to follow instructions and working cooperatively (Mrs Duke Performing Arts)


For coming up with unique and thoughtful ideas during our music compositions (Mrs Duke Performing Arts)