First Aid/ Sick Bay

Hello Everyone!


I just wanted to provide some information about students requiring medication to be given at school: 

  • Medication needs to be brought to the office by parents or guardians. 
  • It must be accompanied by written advice providing directions for appropriate storage and administration (Medication authority form available from the office).
  • Must be in the original container
  • Must have the original Label including:
    • name of student
    • required dosage
    • time for administration
  • visible expiry date 
  • Medications must be collected from the office by parents or guardians. Students cannot carry them through school grounds in their bags. 

This allows us to ensure:

  • The correct student receives their correct medication in the proper dose via the correct method (such as inhaled or orally) at the correct time of the day.
  • To keep a medication log of medicine administered
  • Teachers in charge of students are informed that the students are required to have their medication and can release the student from class to do so.  

Parents/ Guardians may receive messages through Sentral in regard to expired medications and /or plans. When bringing in new medications (mainly inhalers) please feel free to ask for the expired ones to take home and keep for emergencies. 


A reminder that at school we are not able to: 

  • store or administer painkillers such as paracetamol or aspirin as a standard first aid strategy as they can mask signs and symptoms of serious illness or injury
  • allow a student to that their first dose of a new medication at school in case of an allergic reaction. This should be done under the supervision of the parent or guardian or health practitioner. 
  • allow the use of medication by anyone other than the prescribed student. 


If you have any questions or need any clarifications, please don't hesitate to call and talk with a member of the admin team. 


Kind Regards,