Religious Education

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St Patrick's Day Mass

Last week a group of our school leaders attended the St Patrick's Day mass at St Patrick's Cathedral. This and the concert in the gardens after are the pinnacle of our Catholic Education Week, where we celebrate our fantastic Catholic schools.


I would like to personally thank the leaders that came to the mass and concert they were fantastic ambassadors for our school.





First Eucharist Important Dates:


1. Wednesday 17 April @ 7pm Faith Night in St Bede's Church (Grade 4 parents and children)

     At this evening we celebrate mass and break open for families the different parts of the mass and their meaning.


2. Friday 19 April - Grade 4 Faith Day at school.  Grade 4 students can wear free dress to school on this day. On this day they will explore the sacrament more deeply and also have a  practice session in the church.


First Eucharist Masses

Saturday 20th April 6pmSunday 21 April 11amSaturday 27 April 6pm
  1. James Kairouz
  2. Madeleine Mott
  3. Luka Rimac
  4. Phillip Huynh
  5. Chloe Vangeli
  6. Isaac Varrasso
  7. Thomas Jackson


  1. James Giatrakos
  2. Albert Tran
  3. Hayley Lin
  4. Enna Tedesco
  5. Nina Ryan


  1. Joshua Fraser
  2. Siena Gulisano
  3. Oscar Mennea
  4. Chiara Mallaurino
  5. William Mitchell
  6. Alex Sideras
  7. Zoe Smith
  8. Guiliano Zuccarelli
  9. Estiano George
  10. Aleix Martini




Religious Education Leader