Humanities and Social Sciences

Year 8 HASS Venture to Point Peron and Year 11 Geography Head to Mundaring

Year 8 HASS Venture to Point Peron

In Week 6, all of our Year 8 Humanities and Social Sciences classes participated in a Geography Fieldwork excursion to Mersey Point and Point Peron in Rockingham. Students put into action the content they had been learning in the classroom, identifying erosional and depositional landforms and observed coastal processes. Students were tasked with recording these observations in a fieldwork booklet, develop their fieldwork skills, including annotated sketches, data collation and social observations, bracing the variety of weather conditions across the week. The students had a wonderful time and it was a pleasure to see the continued development of their geographical knowledge and skills. Thank you to all the HASS staff involved in the running of the excursions. 

Miss D Pisconeri

(Humanities and Social Sciences Teacher)

Year 11 Geography Head to Mundaring

On Friday, 15 March,  the Year 11 ATAR Geography students had the opportunity to visit the Hills Discovery Centre in Mundaring. The purpose of the visit was to witness the impact of bushfires on both natural and human environments. During the fieldwork, students engaged in activities such as measuring fuel load and canopy cover at both wildfire and prescribed burn sites. Utilising the gathered data, they conducted analysis of biodiversity levels and gained insights into the reasons behind implementing prescribed burns for mitigating the effects of bushfire. The day concluded with a visit to Mundaring Weir, where students had the opportunity to take in the views of the Darling Scarp. The excursion was a success and special thanks goes to Miss Danielle Pisconeri for her presence and support during the trip.

Mr A McGoorty

(Humanities and Social Sciences Teacher)