From the Deputy Principals

Mr Roger D'Almeida and Miss Carrol Abel

Interim Reports

Interim Reports are now available to families through the ‘Reports’ tab in SEQTA Engage. The Interim Report provides students and parents with an opportunity to reflect upon student progress throughout Term 1 and to consider what adjustments can be made to improve performance next term. 


As Interim Reports are used to indicate student progress, they do not include any marks or grades - these will come with the publishing of Semester One Reports at the end of Term 2. For Year 7 students and parents, the rotational elective program for Term 1 does not appear on the Interim Report but will instead appear on the Semester One Report. Year 7 students will commence Term 2 in a new rotation of electives with a new set of teachers to guide them.

Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews

The first Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews for the year will take place on Monday, 15 April between 12.00pm and 7.00pm. This is a Home Study Day, so students do not attend school but should accompany their parents for interviews in their full College winter uniform. Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews provide parents with an important opportunity to discuss student progress in more detail with subject teachers. In some cases, teachers have requested an interview on the Interim Report. In these situations, it is important that every effort is made to meet with the subject teachers so that positive interventions can be put in place to improve student progress next term.


The College uses Edval Interviews to book Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews with an email having already been sent to parents/carers instructing them how to access Edval Interviews. The email will also provide parents with a unique log-in code as well as a link to the online booking system (please check your junk mail). Interview length will be eight minutes with two minutes being allocated for parent movement between teachers. Bookings close at 12.00pm on Friday, 12 April. 


On the day of the interviews, each teacher will have 36 interview slots available for parents. However, a standard classroom teacher teaches over 100 students across all of their classes – for some teachers that number is closer to 150. It is for this reason that we have restricted interviews to one slot per teacher per student. To help with this, please ensure you only book one timeslot with your child’s teacher, even if they teach your child in multiple subjects. If you are unable to secure a timeslot during this round of Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews, you may contact the relevant teacher/s directly via email or Direqt Message to arrange a conversation on another date. 


If you have any difficulties accessing Edval Interviews, please contact the College when the school opens at the commencement of Term 2. Please note that the College Administration is closed from Friday, 29 March until Wednesday, 10 April.

Class of 2024 Update

As we approach the end of another school term, our Year 12 students are swiftly nearing the conclusion of their journey with us. With only two terms remaining, it's heartening to witness the Class of 2024 actively engaging in various college activities, such as the Inter-House Swimming Carnival and Kairos 35.


A significant focus for our Year 12 cohort is preparing for their graduation later this year. To assist with this, the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) provides valuable guidelines to ensure that students, families, and the school are well-informed about WACE requirements. The Year 12 Handbook 2024 Part One, in particular, serves as an invaluable resource for students and families, offering insights into navigating the complexities and potential challenges of completing their final year of school and embarking on their post-school pathways.


Part One of the handbook sheds light on essential topics such as the SCSA Student Portal, WACE/WASSA requirements, and offers advice on how students can cultivate a healthy and fulfilling Year 12 experience. Additionally, Part Two of the handbook, circulated in July, will communicate specifics of the WACE examinations.


We encourage the Class of 2024 and families to utilise the resources provided by the SCSA, including the Year 12 Handbook 2024 Part One, available both in the SNC Graduating Class of 2024 Team and on the SCSA website

Student Extended Absence - Parent Notification

While we understand occasional absences may arise, it's important to note that the College discourages extended periods away from school unless under exceptional circumstances. Prolonged absence significantly disrupts teaching and learning programs and negatively impacts your child's academic progress. 


Should your child be away from school for an extended period during term, please submit an Extended Student Absence Notification Form at least three weeks in advance. These forms are available digitally through the SEQTA Documents Section as well as physically in Student Services. 


To minimise disruptions to educational programs, students can access SEQTA-Learn to engage with learning activities while away. Students can submit take home tasks digitally, and where not feasible, are required to discuss advanced submission dates with teachers. Students also have the opportunity to attend a catch-up session for any missed in-class assessment. If the notified absence goes beyond five school days of the scheduled in-class assessment date, students will not receive a score for the assessment and is not considered an academic penalty. 


Please note that non-completion of assessments may have several implications on reporting and course requirements. This includes reducing teacher ability to produce an academic report as well as achievement of minimum entry course pre-requisites, St Norbert College Graduation requirements and Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) requirements.

Mr R D'Almeida

(Deputy Principal Years 9 & 12)

Winter Uniform

A reminder that all students commence Term 2 on Tuesday, 16 April after the Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews on Monday, 15 April. Students are to arrive impeccably presented in winter uniform. This means polished shoes and clean uniforms, including blazers in excellent condition. Each year at this time, girls need to ensure their winter skirt length is on the knee given that they may have grown over the summer and boys need to ensure they have not outgrown their shirts and can still do their top button up under their ties. We ask for parental support to ensure that your son or daughter tries on their winter uniform, including their College tracksuit, with plenty of time to get any issues rectified or purchase new items, if necessary, prior to the commencement of Term 2. Students and parents are reminded that hairstyles should be conservative, neat, tidy, of natural colour and shoulder length hair should be tied up. Students are not permitted to wear any make up or have their eyelashes enhanced. Nails are to be kept short with no acrylics or nail polish. Students are permitted to wear the following jewellery: up to one pair of small plain silver or gold sleepers or studs in the lower ear lobe, one silver or gold chain, a Christian religious symbol on their chain, and no other jewellery. Please check the College Diary for more details.


May we also take this opportunity to once again remind parents to label all uniform items with their child’s first and last name. At the end of each term, we have a number of articles of clothing, bags, caps, sport bags, shoes and water bottles in Lost Property not labelled and not claimed.


The Uniform Shop will be open in the second week of school holidays, on Monday, 8 April and Thursday, 11 April between 10am and 5pm. No appointments are required on these dates. The normal operating hours throughout the year for the Uniform Shop are Mondays and Thursdays between 1pm and 4.30pm.

Term 2 Dates

Please refer to SEQTA for Calendar events. Below are whole school significant dates:

  • Monday, 15 April – Home Study Day with Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews 
  • Tuesday, 16 April – Year 7-12 Students Commence (winter uniform)
  • Tuesday, 23 April - Inter-House Cross Country
  • Thursday, 25 April - ANZAC Day Public Holiday
  • Friday, 26 April – Pupil Free Day
  • Wednesday, 1 May – Harmony Day Celebrations
  • Friday, 14 June – St Norbert Day Celebrations
  • Wednesday, 19 June – College Photo Day
  • Friday, 28 June – Last Day of Term 2

ANZAC Day Service

On Thursday, 25 April, the Canning Districts RSL Sub-Branch will hold the annual ANZAC Day Memorial Services at the new War Memorial situated behind the City of Canning Offices, Albany Highway, Cannington. The ceremony will commence at 8.00am. Thank you to the Student Representative Council members, Jaden Laurel (Year 10) and Azeriah Borja (Year 10), who will be representing the College by participating in the march and laying a wreath. The College community is encouraged to attend.

Miss C Abel

(Deputy Principal Years 8 & 11)