Welcome to the 2024 school year. We especially welcome those families who are new to our school community.  


McKinnon Secondary College uses Compass School Manager as our parent portal.  It can be accessed via the school website or the Compass app.  This platform provides effective communication between parents and the College and simplifies a range of administrative procedures. Using Compass you will be able to view your child’s assessment results through ‘Learning Tasks’, approve student absences, provide consent/payment for excursions (known as Compass Events), and book Parent-Teacher-Student Conference times, among many other tasks. 


All parents need to ensure their Compass username and password are kept secure and confidential. As parents have the ability to approve absences online, your login details must not be shared with your child. In addition to using Compass, parents are welcome to provide notes, emails and/or call the College to inform us of absences.  


Students who arrive late to Period 1 (which begins at 8:50am) will receive an automatic after school detention, unless a note with an acceptable excuse is provided by a parent/carer. An acceptable excuse is a doctor’s appointment, illness, etc.


We have this system because we believe that:

i. Research shows the best learning occurs early in the day;

ii. Students must be organised and prepared for all classes;

iii. Our teachers and students who are punctual should not have their lessons interrupted by late students;

iv. Period 1 sets the ‘tone’ for each day.


Therefore, we ask all parents to support our expectations by ensuring students arrive at school each day by 8:30am so they can get organised for the start of Period 1 at 8:50am.


Please ensure your child comes to school wearing the correct uniform that is in good condition at all times (clean, no tears/marks, ironed shirts, etc.). When wearing shorts or long trousers, a plain black belt and plain college grey socks must be worn. Only polished black lace-up school shoes are acceptable for all students (not black runners). Students must not wear hoop earrings or have long nails as these are a safety issue. We want students to wear the uniform with pride and it is an important part of our school culture.


A reminder to parents/carers that the sports jacket is only to be worn with the sports uniform.


Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 may wear their sports uniform for the whole day if they have a double period of sport or PE.  Some Year 9s subjects will require students to be in sports uniform occasionally - classroom teachers will inform students in advance where necessary. For days when students do not have PE/sport or only a single period of PE/sport, they must be in full summer/winter uniform.


Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 may wear their sports uniform for the whole day if they have a double period of sport or PE which is a practical class only. Please note that not all PE sessions in Senior school are practical lessons - classroom teachers will inform students in advance where necessary. At all other times students must be in full summer/winter uniform.


The College blazer is the outer uniform garment for all students in Years 7 - 12. Blazers are optional in Terms 1 & 4; however, when travelling to/from school, students wishing to wear an outer garment must wear their blazer (rather than the College jumper). The blazer is the compulsory outer garment in Terms 2 & 3.


Please note that our uniform provider, Bob Stewart, has a store in Centre Rd, Bentleigh. Parents/carers in financial difficulty are encouraged to contact our Student Wellbeing Coordinator, Ms Patty Etcell, for assistance with the provision of uniforms.


School photographs will take place on Thursday 15 February. Please ensure your child attends in the correct summer uniform. Parents interested in purchasing school photos do not need to do anything before photo day. Unique codes will be issued to all students on the day. This will provide details about registering online. When images are available, all parents who have registered will be notified by SMS and email - they can then view and order. As in previous years, all school photos will be delivered directly to families.  


Thank you to all parents for their ongoing support of McKinnon’s Chromebook program. Having all students on the same device purchased through our supplier is absolutely crucial, especially in such a large school. It ensures the device is preconfigured to our school domain (providing access to specific educational apps/tools) and connects seamlessly to our network (wifi/printing). All repairs/support can also be managed by our IT team - which saves family's time and money!    


If families need to purchase a new Chromebook, please contact the IT office on


More information about our Chromebook program, including student expectations about using their device, is available on the College website.


PAT Testing will once again take place for all students in Years 7 to 9 in the areas of Reading and Mathematics. These tests allow our staff to tailor their teaching to the needs of individual learners in our classrooms. These assessments reflect the College's commitment to deliver the best program to each student.

NAPLAN 2024 

NAPLAN is taking place for all Year 7s and Year 9s from Wednesday 13 March.


If your child is currently in Year 7 or Year 9 and has been offered adjustments to testing conditions in NAPLAN in the past, please contact the school as soon as possible so we can ascertain whether these adjustments can be applied again for 2024.


Please email these inquiries to Peter Quinn ( with the subject line - NAPLAN 2024 ADJUSTMENT. These requests must be submitted no later than Friday 23 February.


Please note the Walnut St Gate at the McKinnon Rd Campus is locked at all times. Students accessing the school from the north must enter/exit via the Draper St gate. The Draper St gate is locked from around 9:30 am to 2:30 pm.


We ask that all students lock their bike with a secure lock each day. It is impossible to investigate stolen bikes when they are not properly secured. Please note, we do not have insurance to cover the loss of students’ personal belongings, so to prevent bikes being stolen please make sure your child is using a secure bike lock.


We also take this opportunity to remind families about the importance of students wearing an Australian Standard certified bike helmet when riding to and from school. Parents/guardians will be contacted, and consequences given to those students who fail to adhere to this road rule.


Finally, please talk to your child about riding safely to and from school, or any other time for that matter. McKinnon Rd is extremely busy at the start and the end of the day and therefore students need to be extra careful of cars and other vehicles to ensure their safety.