We hope everyone had a lovely summer and was able to stay active and be inspired by the many sporting highlights that took place over the break from the Aus Open to the Netball Series and the Big Bash. There was a lot going on!


Back at school we are busy organising lots of extracurricular activities for students to take part in during lunchtimes. Keep an eye out on the Compass news feed for all the details.


If students wish to borrow sports equipment at lunchtime they just need to see Bianca & Jordan, our new AFL trainees with their ID code. Equipment can be borrowed for the 1st 15 minutes of lunchtime in the gym and must be returned at the end of lunch.


We also have weekly sport for our Years 7 & 8 students and Intermediate and Senior Sports Round Robin days for Years 9-12 students. Sign Ups and details of training sessions for Intermediate and Senior teams will be posted on Compass soon.


In addition to all this Sport, our McKinnon Swimming Trials will be held on Wednesday 28 February at GESAC. This year all Year 7 students will be attending the pool as we bring back the carnival atmosphere. More information will be sent out to students who wish to compete soon. 


During Term 1 it is imperative that all students have their school hat for both PE & Sport. If you haven’t been able to purchase a school hat at the moment you are able to wear another hat to keep you sun smart. Please make sure that student’s names are in their hats, jackets and rugby shirts.


Stay active!

Jen Pemberton
Jen Pemberton

Jen Pemberton

Head of PE & Sport


It again promises to be a very successful year.


Important dates for Term 1 for Sport:

  • Senior Cricket - Thursday 15 February
  • Inter Cricket - Monday 19 February
  • Lawn bowls - Monday 26 February
  • McKinnon House Swimming Trials - Wednesday 28 February
  • Senior Round Robin - Thursday 14 March

Sports include - Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball and Futsal.

  • Kingston Swimming - Thursday 21 March
  • Inter Round Robin - Monday 25 March

Sports include - Baseball, Softball, Volleyball and Tennis.

James Bridges
James Bridges

James Bridges

Inter/Senior Sport