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St John's Primary School

34 Essex Street

Footscray   3011

Phone                                     -        03 9687 3150


Monday to Friday                -        8:30am to 4pm  (Office Hours)


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Email Communication from St John's

To ensure you don't miss out on any communication from St John's, please add these two email addresses to your contacts list:-


In the meantime, please check your Spam folder for any missed emails.

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Staff Email Addresses

Emily Conroy (Principal) 

Karen Dodemaide (DP/Wellbeing)

Lauren Davis (DP/Learning & Teaching - Tues & Wed)


Jordan Fry (Faith) -

Amy Littley (Yr 4-6 Learning & Teaching)

Mairead Doherty (Yr1-3 Learning & Teaching)

Shelly Stuart (Learning Diversity)


Lien, Maddy & Lauren:  

Patrick, Tanya, Jessie & Mairead:

Kelly, Eva & Mairead:

Molly, Jenna & Mairead:

Michele, Jordan & Amy:

Erynn, Shania & Amy:


Parents are requested to log their child's absence using either:

Holy Family Parish

46A Ballarat Road

Maidstone   3012

Phone                                     -         03 9317 9298

Office Hours 
Tuesday9am - 12pm

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