School Uniforms


A reminder that sunsmart hats are compulsory for students September through to April, during which, all students are required to wear their hats whilst outside. 

We now offer 3 different hat styles - see options at the bottom of this page!


All items of uniform, including bags, lunch boxes, drink bottles and inside of their school shoes/runners, MUST be clearly labelled with your child’s name to ensure speedy return to owners if misplaced.


445B (level 2) Keilor Road, Niddrie, 3042(above fresh fruit world)


There is ample carparking located at the rear of the building.


Contact details for RHUniforms!   The website is and the phone number is 1800 002 909



The school uniform is worn with pride, as it is a reflection of the standing that the school has in the local community.  The school uniform also reflects the pride we, as a school community, take in ourselves and our presence in the local communities. 


It is an expectation that the school uniform is worn correctly and with pride.


School uniforms can be purchased from RHUniforms – at any time during the year. Deliveries will be sent directly to the school for distribution to your child.


The uniform list is available from the school office or our website. School Uniform can be mixed and matched, according to the weather. School socks can be either white or navy blue with black school shoes.


School Uniform is to be worn at all times

This includes a sun hat, which must be worn in Terms 1 & 4, whenever the students are outside. 


Jewellery is not to be worn to school. This is a safety issue. The only permissible jewellery is a single stud or sleeper in pierced ears. 




We suggest families of Prep to Year 1 children provide a change of clothes in their child’s bag for the rare occasion of an accident occurring. This might consist of undies, socks and/or shorts or pants.