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The past fortnight has been a whirlwind of excitement and learning for our students!


Our Winter Sports Day 1 was a fantastic success, with students showing great sportsmanship and enthusiasm in their chosen sports.


The Buddies excursion to the Melbourne Museum was an enriching experience, filled with fascinating exhibits, learning about dinosaur fossils, and participating in interactive activities that sparked curiosity and wonder. It was wonderful to see the Year 6 students spending time with their Foundation Buddy and showing them all of the exciting artefacts and exhibits at the museum.


Back in the classroom, we've continued to engage students in fun and challenging learning activities, fostering their growth and love for learning. We are incredibly proud of their efforts and look forward to more exciting adventures ahead in the remainder of Term 2!


- Jordyn, Sarah and Tracy


What We Are Learning




The Year 5/6 cohort continues our fortnightly homework tasks for Weeks 9 and 10! Remember to read for 20 minutes, 5 nights every week, and fill in your diaries to be checked every Friday. If you can’t read one night, make sure you do yourself a favour and catch up your reading the next night!


Winter Sport

The Level 5/6 cohort will be participating in the second round of Winter Sports in Week 10, so make sure you have confirmed you are going on Compass.


Try This...


Buddies Excursion

On Monday 3rd June, the Year 6 students and Foundation students went on an excursion to the Melbourne Museum. After about a 40 minute bus journey, we arrived at the Melbourne Museum where students and teachers were separated into 2 groups. Each group did 2 different activities before meeting up as a group for lunch and then swapping activities in the afternoon. During the activities the Year 6s had the chance to prove their responsibility and were put in charge of assisting and guiding the Foundation students through the activities. One activity was looking at dinosaur fossils and a talk from a Melbourne Museum staff member where she told us all about the Triceratops. The other activity was walking around the Bugs Alive gallery and the Forest Gallery. When both groups had completed all the activities, it was time to go back to school. It was a very fun and enticing excursion. It was great to be a role model for the Foundation students. 

By Ryan


Winter Sport Day 1


On Tuesday 4th June, the Year 5/6 students participated in our first day of Winter Sport. At netball, we had 3 teams - a Girls A, a Girls B and a Boys team. The girls teams played 4 games each, and the boys played 3 games and had a bye. All of the Scoresby players showed great sportsmanship and demonstrated great netball skills. It was wonderful to see the teams becoming more confident as the day went on.

Tee Ball

On Tuesday 4th June, the Year 5/6 students participated in Winter Sports. The sports that were on offer were tee ball, netball and soccer. 18 students were nominated to play tee ball, so we were lucky to have 2 teams play against other schools in the Knox area. The day consisted of playing 4 round robin games, with a 10 minute break between each game. Both Scoresby teams worked well together, tried their best and had fun. Scoresby A team won 2 out their 4 games. Everyone had a great day and we all showed great sportsmanship. 

By Bodhi


On the 4th of June, all students from 5/6 arrived at school nice and early, buzzing with excitement ready to head off to Winter Sports. Once we arrived at Gilbert Park, we unloaded our equipment and put on our shin pads, preparing for our first match. We headed to the soccer pitch ready to play our first team, Boronia K-12. We gave it our all but, in the end, we fell short of victory, scoring 3-1. Tired and disappointed, we went to watch the girls play. They also left the pitch without the glory of victory, scoring 2-0. We played three more games each. The boys' second game was a great game, winning 5-2, with one of our students kicking a haul of 4 goals. For the girls' second game they lost 1-0, but tried their absolute best. The other two games came and went, the boys losing both and the girls tying one game and losing the other. After our big day out, the soccer teams came home ecstatic that they got to enjoy a day with their friends, and we had a blast!

By Sam and Cooper