Principal's Message

 Mrs Josie Crisara

Captains Induction Ceremony

Our College and School Leaders were inducted into their roles in mid February at a special induction ceremony shared with their parents. Developing leadership skills is important as young people prepare for further roles in society . The Goose V Flying model was used to explain how leadership works. During migration one bird will be leading at the front. Similarly, any leadership role involves someone stepping forward to guide the way. For students, this means taking initiative, setting goals, and providing direction for themselves and their peers.


In this model:

Geese flying in a V formation, create an uplift for the birds behind them, making it easier for them to fly.  In leadership individuals provide support and encouragement to those around them, helping everyone move forward together.   Students can demonstrate this by offering assistance, sharing knowledge and creating a supportive environment among their peers.


Geese flying in formation usually have the lead goose rotate periodically allowing others to take on leadership.  This ensure that not one goose bears the burden of leadership for the entire journey.  Effective leadership involves sharing responsibilities and opportunities among group members.  For students this means recognising and encouraging potential leadership in others and taking turns in leading initiatives.  


Geese honk to communicate with each other during flight, maintain coordination and cohesion.  Effective leadership requires clear communication to convey goals, plans and expectations. Students can develop their communication skills for sharing their ideas effectively, actively listening to others and providing constructive feedback.


By understanding these principles, students can develop essential leadership skills such as initiative, teamwork, communication and adaptability. These not only develop leadership but also contribute to personal and academic growth.

Leadership is about:

  • Having a Common Goal
  • Being Visible
  • Being Humble
  • Empowering Others
  • Recognising people
  • Offering Support
  • Staying true to your Values

Mickleham Road Works

 Thank you for families with your patience in relation to road works on Mickleham Road.  The final outcome needs to be the end goal whilst we experience the ‘pain’ of the roadworks. The Major Roads Project Team and the BMD contractors have been very responsive to working with the College to find practical solutions to managing traffic whilst simultaneously working on the road. Ongoing “tuning” of the traffic light sequencing along Mickleham Road is continuing and has already improved traffic flow and reduced delays. An important request to drivers is to ensure that they obey the red lights and only enter the entrance intersection on a green light.