Kristen Cutting

Our Wellbeing team

PMPS is very fortunate to have a diverse, knowledgeable and highly skilled wellbeing team. We are here to support your children with their wellbeing, particularly focusing on Students at Risk. Areas we can work with students on could include social skills, emotional regulation, resilience, behaviour, trauma and welfare, just to name a few.


Making a Parent/Caregiver Referral

If families are wanting their child to see Linda or Jane, please fill out a referral form so we can work out the right support. 


You will also find a printed copy of these at the front office or Student Wellbeing Support Office (next to Library).


Consent Form for Wellbeing Support

Parents/Caregivers need to sign a wellbeing consent form to access our Youth worker, Linda or our Wellbeing Support, Jane. They cannot proceed until we have this. These are on our school website and printed copies are also at the front office or Wellbeing Support Office. 


Psychologist Support

If families are interested in working with our psychologist, Bianca, please contact her to check her availability via the information below. Please also get a mental health plan from your GP to support. There is a gap payment for each session. 


If you just want someone to have a quick check in or need some advice, please contact Kristen at kristen.cutting@education.vic.gov.au .

Positive Parenting Program

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Fear-Less Triple P Online can help. Developed by experts at the Triple P - Positive Parenting Program, this online program is jam-packed with proven strategies to help you understand anxiety and support your child to become more emotionally resilient. 


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