LOTE, Performing Arts, Physical Education, STEM and Visual Arts.


In Prep this fortnight, students have been looking at the importance of rice farming in Indonesia, including the way rice is grown and how rice paddies look. They have also looked at some traditional clothing, and have reviewed their knowledge of colours and numbers.

Year 1 and 2 students have been writing about feelings, constructing short sentences to depict happiness, sadness, anger, fear and many more. They have also enjoyed the game ‘Who’s the Monkey?’ (Siapa Monyet) and have been using a range of strategies to figure out numbers.

In Year 3 and 4, students have started using the program Duolingo to support their learning in class. They have continued to learn about time telling and daily routines.


Year 5 and 6 students have looked at maps of both Yarra Road and a school in Indonesia, and described the location of different buildings and features using prepositional language. They have also compared what features our school has compared to a school in Indonesia.


Bu Grogan
Bu Grogan





Visual Arts

A heartfelt thank you to our Year 5 and 6 students for their outstanding efforts in creating a care package for our Australian Olympic athletes. Your fabulous and inspirational posters will be sent to Paris, where they will provide much-needed support and encouragement to our competitors during the 2024 Olympics. Each poster reflects your creativity, dedication, and school spirit, showcasing the powerful messages of motivation and pride. We are incredibly proud of your hard work and generosity, knowing that your thoughtful contributions will help our athletes feel connected and supported by their fellow Australians back home. Well done, everyone!

This year, our Year 3/4 students participated in the Simultaneous Read event, joining over 2,000,000 students across Australia in reading "Bowerbird Blue." Following the reading, our students engaged in a creative project, crafting their own bowers from clay, twigs, and blue recycled materials. This activity not only reinforced their understanding of the story but also fostered creativity and environmental awareness, making it a memorable and educational experience for all.

Last week, our Prep and Year 1/2 students had an exciting excursion to Healesville Sanctuary. They had an amazing time exploring and learning about wildlife, returning inspired to continue their 'tree weaving' projects and create animal artworks inspired by Eric Carle's books. The sanctuary visit sparked their creativity and enthusiasm, enriching their learning experiences in the art classroom.

Mrs Baum
Mrs Baum








Performing Art

Physical Education

PE has been buzzing with activity as students from Prep to Year 6 hone their athletics skills through a diverse range of events and challenges.


Prep to Year 2 have been actively engaged in mastering underarm and overarm throwing, crucial skills that form the basis of many sports. Alongside throwing, they've tackled obstacle courses, enhancing their agility and coordination in fun, challenging setups. Long jump and running events have also been part of their curriculum, introducing them to basic track and field activities and encouraging them to push their limits in both speed and distance.


Our older students have stepped up their game with more specialised athletics training. Year 3 to 6 students have dived into the technical and physical demands of triple jump and long jump, focusing on perfecting their technique and improving their personal bests. Discus and shot put sessions have seen these young athletes learn about the dynamics of power and precision, while sprints and hurdles are sharpening their speed and reflexes. Each session is tailored to not only build their skills but also instill a deep understanding of the sport’s strategic elements.


The focus on these key athletics events is preparing our students for upcoming inter-school competitions and our much-anticipated annual House Athletics Day. We're excited to see their hard work pay off and to cheer them on as they showcase their talents and sportsmanship.


Congratulations are also needed for the 8 students who competed at the Division Cross Country Event this week! You ran great races and did yourselves proud! 

Well done everyone!

Mr Quick
Mr Quick


Our students have been diving deep into the world of STEM through a series of hands-on building challenges that not only spark creativity but also teach valuable engineering and design principles.


Young Innovators at Work: Prep to Year 2

Our youngest builders, from Prep to Year 2, have embarked on a heartwarming project to design and construct sturdy shelters and huts for a lost toy left outside. Using a variety of materials, students have explored basic construction techniques and the importance of creating safe, protective environments. 


Engineering Fairy Tales: Year 3/4

The Year 3 and 4 students tackled the classic 'Three Little Pigs' story from a STEM perspective, turning it into a challenge against the huffs and puffs of none other than our own Mr. Quick armed with a leaf blower. Tasked with building houses from paper, straw, sticks, and rocks, our students tested their architectural designs against the formidable wind blasts, learning about material properties, wind resistance, and the fundamentals of aerodynamics in the process.


Bridging the Gap: Year 5/6

Stepping up the complexity, our Year 5 and 6 students faced the 3D Bridge Challenge. After randomly selecting a bridge design to research, students have been hard at work, crafting detailed 3D models that encompass a variety of bridge engineering principles from suspension to beam styles. This challenge is a perfect amalgamation of creativity and technical precision, pushing students to apply theoretical knowledge in practical, tangible ways.

Mr Quick
Mr Quick