Year 5 & 6

Around our level

Over the last couple of weeks the students have participated in public speaking activities such as debates and speeches. Many students are very proud of themselves as they have conquered their fear of speaking in front of their own class. For the debates, the students were organised into groups of six members - 3 members for each side of the argument. Each group was assigned a topic such as Summer is Better than Winter, Everyone Should Play a Sport or Zoos Should be Banned. (There were other topics as well.) They researched their topic and worked cooperatively to write three arguments with supporting detail. Once they had completed the written activity they had the opportunity to practise delivering their side of the debate, making sure each member of their team had a different argument.


Finally, the day arrived in which the students presented their debate. The teachers were very proud of their efforts and the encouragement the students received from their peers was wonderful to witness. This week our focus has been the writing of speeches. The students have been provided with the topics: What makes me happy, Why do giraffes have long necks, My inspiration is……., It’s ok to be different, The best place in the world and The world would be a better place if……….

The majority of students have completed writing their speech and are now placing their information onto cue cards. They will then practise saying their speech with a partner and then they will deliver it in front of their own class. This can be quite daunting for some students and of course the teachers are there to support them through this process. Each class will be choosing 2 or 3 students to present their speech in front of the whole level. 


Following are the thoughts from some of our students:



Last week, we learned what it is like to participate in a debate. On my team was Sophie K and Jack H. Our topic was, ‘Students should be allowed to bring their Chromebooks home’ and we were arguing against this idea. To begin, we researched and wrote our arguments. Then we set up our chairs at the front of the classroom - ‘For’ team on one side and the ‘Against’ team on the other. There was a chairperson in the middle who wasn’t part of either team. The chairperson  introduced us to the audience. Then we took turns speaking. Afterwards, the audience voted and the person in the middle told us who won! Our team won and this was a very awesome experience for me! 

Ashlea W


Last week, in Year 5/6, we participated in a debate. My team included me, Billie and Eva.

Our topic was “Homework should be online” and we lost the debate. It was very close but it didn’t really matter whether we won or lost because it was really fun and we learned a lot. I wonder what my topic will be next time we do debates. For the next couple of weeks, we are doing speeches. My topic is “Why do giraffes have long necks?" I really think it's an amazing topic to do my speech on. 

Hunter W


In class, we have been learning how to write and deliver a speech, which has helped us become more confident speakers in front of an audience. I chose the topic, “Why do giraffes have long necks?”  I picked this topic because my favourite animal is a giraffe. 

Zoe Y


My debate group did, why you shouldn't play a sport which was really fun even though our group lost by one point. I still had fun writing it and presenting it. 



When we were doing our debates at the start everyone was really nervous but I think it really improved our public speaking skills. My topic was ‘Zoos should be banned’ and of course I was nervous when standing up. The other people in my group were Alice, Annie and Zoe. I think everyone did a really great job. Even though it was hard I think my whole group did amazing. I really enjoyed it. 



The debate that we did was better than I expected, even though I was shivering the whole time I was speaking. My topic was  'Zoos Should Be Banned'. I agreed with this. I’m now writing a speech ………………… I just don't know about reading in front of the WHOLE CLASS. I'm very scared about it! Who knows what will happen… 



At school we have to do speeches and we got to choose our topic from a list. For my topic I chose, ‘It's ok to be different’ because I truly believe that. After we have presented our speeches to our class a few lucky students get chosen to read their speech out for the whole year level which is cool. Last year my speech was one of the ones that got chosen. I personally love listening to everyone’s speeches. 



For my debate I was on the side of: ‘Australia is the Best Country’ and my group, Ollie O’Neill, Cooper Smith and myself did really well. We had some pretty good competition but overall I think both groups spoke and wrote some really good things. For my speech I am currently doing mental disorders and it has been interesting to research and learn about the mental disorders, I have really enjoyed doing this research topic. 



It's so much fun! I had a very good team. My topic was ‘Why we should go to school.’  My team won, I didn't feel so nervous because I had a whole team behind me. 

Chloe B


My debate topic was ‘Why social media shouldn't be banned’. My teammates were Oscar F and Oscar M. Both teams tied. It was a good experience getting to go up in front of the class to say my part.  



I really enjoyed doing my Debate and Speech writing. My Debate topic was on ‘Why private schools shouldn't be banned.’ For my speech I did why netball is an important sport, I really enjoyed it!  In my debate team was Jade, Kaylee and me. I learnt how to wait for other people when speaking.  



My speech was about ‘How giraffes got their long necks.’ I found it pretty hard at the start but it ended up to be a pretty funny speech! I worked well in my debate team with Liah and Holly. 


Celebrating our Students

Students are nominated by their teachers to receive a certificate of acknowledgment. The below student's certificates will be presented at our next assembly. 


56A - Mrs Freene

Madie E 

For continually being respectful, kind and safe.


56B - Mr Hanley

Ashleigh W

For working so well while writing her speech.


56C - Mrs Haysom

Sophie H

For presenting her side of the debate confidently.

Mrs Freene
Mr Hanley
Mrs Haysom
Mrs Freene
Mr Hanley
Mrs Haysom