Around Our Level

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Mr McDowell from Deakin University who has been undertaking his teaching placement in Prep A. Mr McDowell has been taking and planning a number of classes over the past 3 weeks and we would like to thank him for the valuable contribution he has made during that time. Mr McDowell will be coming back to complete his final teaching placement in August. The children have loved some of his lessons, especially the ‘Shape Pizzas’ and ‘Paper Plane’ ordinal number lesson.

Last week we celebrated National Reconciliation Week 27th May -3rd June. In class we read the story ‘Sorry’ and we spoke about being kind and respecting others.


In Literacy, we have been learning about the letter ‘s’ and how it can be added to the ending of nouns to make them plural. We have also looked at words where ‘s’ makes a ‘z’ sound like fins, bugs, dogs etc. We have also been learning about the letter ‘k’ and our heart word this week has been ‘see’.

In Mathematics, we have been learning about 2D shapes such as circles, triangles, squares and rectangles. We created pictures in our maths books, used our ‘spy glasses’ to find 2D shapes in our classroom, created ‘Shape Pizzas’ using circles, triangles, rectangles and squares. This week we have been learning about ordinal numbers first, second and third. We made paper planes. We measured which plane flew the furthest.

In Prep B-Liam’s plane came 1st, Olivia’s plane came 2nd, Lia’s plane came 3rd, Jasper’s plane came 4th and Paxton’s plane came 5th.


In Prep A-The heat champions were Charlie Y, Hayden, Rafe and Jax. 


In Prep A -Rafe’s plane came first in the corridor challenge and in Prep B- Amber’s plane came first in the corridor challenge.


In Wellbeing, we used the Friendology UR Strong program to develop our friendship skills and how to be a good friend. Our task was to ask a new friend to play with at recess time this week.


In History, we have been learning about Indigenous Family Structures.


In Geography, we have been learning about the ‘5 Senses’ and how we use them.


Learning Highlights this Week in Prep

My favourite activity this week has been drawing spider webs in Art and Performing Arts. By Lexi


I really liked going to PE this week. By Olivia

My favourite lesson this week was making paper planes and flying them. My plane flew the furthest. By Amber


I loved making paper planes in maths this week. By Jasper


I loved flying our paper planes in Maths. By Liam


I loved making a paper plane and flying them. By Brodie


I liked colouring in and racing our paper planes. I came second in my race. By Hayden


I loved making our paper planes. Mine came second. By Charlie R

Celebrating Our Students

Students are nominated by their teachers to receive a certificate of acknowledgment. The below student's certificates will be presented at our next assembly. 


Prep A - Mrs Cooper 

Audrey S

For being a kind and caring friend.


Prep B - Ms Ross

Freddy B

For his great 'Shape Pizza'. Recognising 2D shapes!!!

Mrs Cooper
Miss Ross
Mrs Cooper
Miss Ross