Canteen News

Mrs Rachel Simkin


Next Friday 24th November Mrs. Simkin will be away so there will be no canteen available, we apologise for this inconvenience. 




Try our fresh lunch options this week with delicious fillings of fresh salad, eggs from our school chicken coop & add in freshly sliced ham or shredded chicken.



The Summer menu has been a real hit, with students and staff ordering approx. 3.5 kgs of the delicious fruit salad for morning tea. Each week the variety of fruit salad will change slightly due to supply.



Our chickens continue to provide and we have endless supplies of eggs, so this week we are bringing back the Egg & Bacon Rolls ! ! !  


Mac & Cheese and Lasagna are only available for a short time until they run out. With only a couple of each you will need to be quick! These are being sold at a reduced price of $4.50



We would like to continue welcoming our parents/guardians/caregivers into the canteen to assist with the preparation for morning tea and lunches. 


Our canteen operates every Friday and has a variety of options for our students and staff to choose from. We welcome you to volunteer on a Friday to assist with preparation and delivery of Morning Tea and Lunches from 10am through until 1.15pm. 


If you can only spare 1 or 2 hours of your Friday we understand everyone gets very busy and every minute will help.


A volunteer sign up register has been created online at this weeks link is you can find the remaining of Term 4 links on the St Joey's Parents Facebook page

A reminder that orders close at 8:30am Friday mornings and we are always here to assist if you are having any issues ordering online prior to this cut off time.


• If you are ordering on your PC please select your Child's profile, Community, Canteen and it will say 'Welcome to canteen' - Get Started.

• If you are ordering from your phone you will need to: open in browser, select your child's profile and the canteen menu should be available to you there.


Attached is the Canteen Menu which is available every week, we are always interested in any feedback to continue bringing you the best service we can. 




Do you have any delicious lunch box recipes that you make for your children? We would like to share these throughout our school community each week in the canteen section of the newsletter.   


Please share your recipes with us and email them through to and we will attach a new one each week, so keep an eye out for new ideas to try in your kids lunch boxes.