Pathways Update

We love our job and the opportunity it gives to work not only with alumni and their school, but also the connections made, and relationships formed with industries such as construction and building, media, healthcare, conservation and recreation, travel, and fashion, just to name a few. A highlight during Term 3 was Alumni undertaking interesting and focused work experience programs where they learnt important skills for the future and explored the world of work. 


This month we bring you a selection of Alumni finest moments!


Work Experience 

Jodie Palipuaminni spent the week with the amazing team at Parks Victoria at the You Yangs Regional Park, and Serendip Sanctuary working on Country and sharing knowledge from home (Tiwi) with the conservation team, and education team.  Jodie was also ‘on the tools’ brush cutting, digging holes and guiding the auger machine, feeding a range of native animals and learned about the uses of native flora.

One of her favourite activities during the week was testing water quality at Serendip Sanctuary, and she remarked that she would love to do this at home on Tiwi.



Thanks must go to the entire team at Parks Victoria that made this opportunity come to fruition: Emma, Aunty Wendy, James, Dylan, Mel, Isabella, Tony, Maria, Vanessa and team.  MITS looks forward to future opportunities for alumni.



Southpaws Animal Hospital

PJ spent the week at Southpaws Animal Hospital for work experience. She loved working in a veterinary setting with Tegan and the team, observing surgeries, learning about critical care from, internal examinations, and most importantly providing care and learning about animal welfare. 


PJ has a real passion for animal welfare and although she has dogs, cats, horses, buffalo, bulls, calves, ducks and donkeys, horses are her number one animal.   


Decjuba work experience

Sheronica spent four days with MITS partner Decjuba learning how the fashion industry works and the jobs involved behind the scenes, which included preparing clothes for photo shoots, photography, customer service and orders. Sheronica is a keen photographer and has a photographer’s eye enabling her to capture unique images and convey their meaning. 


Bushman Dave

Sam Warrior completed two weeks of work experience at Bushman Dave, a bespoke furniture maker in Thomastown.  The Richmond to Thomastown journey is a long one with Sam catching two trams, a train, and then a bus to get to work: then repeating it at the end of the day. 


He really enjoyed his time there and the support given by the team of Dave, Dee, Gina, and Chris – who imparted some sage advice for the future. Sam thanked the team and even came back with some chopping boards he had made.


Badjurr Bulok Wilam team at the Royal Women’s Hospital 


Nickiesha and Lesharnie spent a wonderful week with the Badjurr Bulok Wilam team at the Royal Women’s Hopsital.  Badjurr-Bulok Wilam provides support and advocacy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. The team provides culturally sensitive services, care, advice, easy access to hospital services, information, education and referral to other services.


Lesharnie and Nickiesha accompanied the team on their rounds meeting with women and their families, with the highlight of their week spending time with future generations.


St Vincent’s Hospital

Alumni students Timikar and Rosie from Siena College spent a week at St Vincent’s Hospital working with the Aboriginal Health Unit’s, Aboriginal Health Liaison officers.  The girls got to see the important role that Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officers have in providing cultural support to, and advocacy on behalf of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients. They also learned about the culturally specific consultation given to clinicians caring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients. 

They also learned some of the history of St Vincent’s and met Sister Maureen, who is 92, from the Sisters of Charity who the opened a small cottage hospital on Victoria Parade in 1893.


Thanks to all the team at St Vincents that welcomed and supported the girls throughout the week - Chris, Soupoura, and Molly to name a few.


Year 11 formal at St Kevin’s College 

On the 7th of September, St Kevin’s College held their annual Year 11 formal. This being their first formal the boys wanted to look their best and were outfitted by MJ Bale.  They were so excited and thankfully happy to pose for some photos for MITS, friends and family.


By all accounts they had a great time!


Talent Galore


MITS alumni are talented in many fields and this month we celebrate the achievements of Kaleb Rioli-Brogan and Luke McLean, who attend Brighton Grammar School.


As part of Kaleb’s art pratice he created this bust of the Marvel character Moon Knight.  Working with clay support personalised learning, further develops sensory development and fine motor skills.  Kaleb’s mum was super impressed with his Art portfolio. 




Luke was awarded the Best and Fairest player for Year 9 Rugby at Brighton Grammar School this year.  A well deserved award and further opportunities await including training with the first XV rugby team. 


Alumni Study Time 

Year eight students continue to push through and show real grit during study time, and provide inspiration to older alumni.  Many of the boys are self-managing but the benefit of working together in a shared space is something special!  The boys have received strong support from 364 Church Street boarding staff throughout the term and from our invaluable volunteers. The boys would like to say a huge ‘THANKYOU’ to everyone – the entire boarding team and volunteers Jeremy, Will, Issac, Sophia, Chris, Jane, Meri, Alice and Billy.