Student Awards

Students of the Week

Agustin A, 4B - for being a fantastic camper and showing great resilience! You did it!


Zac V, 1D -  for consistently being a positive role model to your classmates by doing your best to be mindful of our class rules.


HERRRby Awards

Sophie M, 6B - for showing exceptional empathy and resilience on Year 6 camp. You are a jet!


Sasha G, PD - for being a kind and empathetic individual. Thank you for being caring.


Green HERRRBY Award 

Eli K, 2D - for taking on the responsibility of emptying the J.C. recycling bins so sensibly and maturely.



Asher N, PA - for engaging so well during learning and sharing your understanding of a verb with the class. Keep up the amazing effort!!


Erin P, PA - for always listening attentively and working so hard to complete tasks. What a superstar!! 


Ella Y, PB - for her confidence to answer questions during class discussions and tell the class what a Verb is. You can do it!


Zac B, PB - for his excellent participation and enthusiasm during classroom learning. We love how you can sound out words and solve maths problems. Well done.


Bill M, PC -  for being a fantastic member of PC! You are always listening and contributing during lessons with such enthusiasm. Well done, Bill!


Ezra G, 1A - for the wonderful care and formation of letters in his handwriting. You are a superstar!

 Eden B, 1B - for his willingness to take on new challenges in maths and writing, and doing so with a smile on his dial!


Ellie H, 1C - for striving to do her very best with all her learning activities. What a super star!


Indiana A and Kepler B, 1D -  for showing amazing responsibility as our class line leaders especially during our fire drill to Landcox Park.


Ariella F, 2A - for adjusting to a new school and making some amazing friends. Keep up the great work!


Rica Z, 2B - for being a kind, caring and thoughtful classmate. Your smile lights up our room!


Miki A, 2B - for being an outstanding helper when cleaning up the yard and classroom.


Gal R, 2C - for being a polite, responsible and valued member of 2C. You are a role model to all your peers. Well done!


David T, 3A - for his outstanding PowerPoint presentation. It was fabulous!


Liam J, 3B - for always being a hardworking, calm and positive member of 3B, you are a star!


Mila E, 3C - for being a thoughtful, kind and inclusive member of our class. You are a role model to others!


Harry S, 4A - for taking on all camp challenges with a positive attitude and showing kind and polite behaviour to all staff, teachers and parents at all times. Well done superstar!


Danielle M, 4C - for her positive attitude on camp and demonstrating a ‘can do’ attitude to all challenges. 


Talila O, 5A – for consistently producing beautifully creative work.


Nicholas H, 5B - for listening carefully to instructions. Well done Nicholas.


Torin P, 5C - for embodying positivity, dedication and kindness as a member of 5C.


Chloe M, 5D - for the amazing effort you put into all of your work. It is a pleasure to have you in the class!


Maddy M, 6A - for your cheerfulness, enthusiasm and resilience on Year 6 camp. 


Ben M, 6D - for the bravery, tremendous skill and resilience he displayed on the Crate Stack activity at Year 6 Camp.


Japanese Ninja Star Awards

Michael L, PD - for being an active participant and using as many newly learned Japanese words as possible during the lessons. すばらしい です! Subarashii desu!


Lizzy H, 1A - for working diligently and showing really good Japanese skills during the lessons. すばらしい です! Subarashii desu!


Charlotte C, 2A - for showing good manners and trying her best during the Japanese class. すばらしい です! Subarashii desu!


Maddie M, 3C - for being a cheerful class member and participating enthusiastically in activities during the Japanese lesson. すばらしい です! Subarashii desu!


Charlotte R, 4A - for being an active participant during the Japanese class. 

すばらしい です! Subarashii desu!


Theo L, 5B - for participating in different activities with a positive attitude during the Japanese class.すばらしい です! Subarashii desu!


Jordy R, 6C- for showing good teamwork and working hard during the Japanese lessons. すばらしい です! Subarashii desu!