Learning Diversity

2024 Academic Competitions


Dear Parents 


St Bede’s will once again this year enter students in the following competitions:


The ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools.


Drawing on over 40 years of international assessment experience and academic rig our, ICAS is a school competition that inspires, celebrates and challenges millions of school students across Australia, New Zealand and the world.

The competition questions are set in modern, real-world scenarios where school students are assessed on their ability to apply classroom learning to new contexts, using higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills. The subjects span literacy (English, Writing and Spelling Bee) and STEM (Mathematics, Science and Digital Technologies).


Students from Years 2-6 may enter (except for the writing competition you must be in at least year 3).  Students must be competent in their chosen subject/s as these assessments will be challenging! Over the years our students have found ICAS assessments to be an engaging and beneficial experience.


ICAS Subject

Cost of entry

Sitting Dates

Digital Technology 

(Years 2-6)

$19.955th-9th August 2024


(Years 3-6)

$23.955th-9th August 2024


(Years 2-6)

$19.9512th-16th August 2024


(Years 2-6)

$19.9519th-23rd August 2024

Spelling  Bee 

(Years 2-6)

$19.9519th-23rd August 2024.


(Years 2-6)

$19.9526th August-30th August 2024

We will also enter students in the AMC (Australian Mathematics Competition).


First run in 1978, the Australian Mathematics Competition is Australia’s longest running, largest and most well-known maths competition for school students.

The AMC contains unique problems designed each year by leading educators and academics to challenge and extend your students’ problem-solving skills.

Australian Maths   Competition (Year 3-6)$8.506th-8th August 2024

For this to work I require all competitions to have the same closing date for entries and the school will strictly not accept any late entries.

Entries close on the last Monday of Term 2.

Monday the 24th of June.

The Competitions basically are spread out across the month of August.

If you would like for your child to participate please fill in the table below by ticking the relevant boxes, putting this form in an envelope (with  the correct amount of money) and return to the school office by NO LATER THAN Monday the 24th of June- the last Monday of Term 2!



Please label the envelope with:


Your child’s name

What year level they are in.

A separate envelope for each child in the family is appreciated.










Australian Maths Comp6th-8th AugustYears 3-6$8.50Monday 24th June 2024 
ICAS Writing5th-9th AugustYears 3-6$23.95Monday 24th June 2024 
ICAS Digital Technology5th-9th AugustYears 2-6$19.95Monday 24th June 2024 
ICAS English12th-16th AugustYears 2-6$19.95Monday 24th June 2024 
ICAS Science19th-23rd August Years 2-6$19.95Monday 24th June 2024 
ICAS Spelling Bee19th-23rd August Years 2-6$19.95Monday 24th June 2024 
ICAS Maths26th -30th AugustYears 2-6$19.95Monday 24th June 2024 


Lastly, just a reminder that these assessments are designed to be challenging. Please only enter your children in the subject areas they feel confident and capable in.





Amanda Martin

Learning Diversity Leader

St Bede’s Primary, North Balwyn