Classroom News

This is what our students have been up to this week

Volunteers and School Helpers

This week we would like to celebrate and thank our helpers who take care of our students in other ways.

 We have been lucky enough to have Red Cross voluteers come in each week, twice a week to run a Breakfast Club for your children.  Each Tuesday and Thursday during term they arrive early to prepare and cook a nourshing breakfast so our students can start their learning day off on the right foot.  A lesser know fact also is they prepare a fruit platter for the classes which students are free to enjoy throughout their morning lessons.


Thank you for helping fuel our students so they can have the best start to their school morning.



We are also extremely lucky to have 2 crossing supervisors who each morning and afternoon no matter the weather arrive early to set up our Schools crossing on Lakeside Ave allowing your children and family to cross safely.   Unfortunately Helen will be finishing up with us soon, but we hope to see her occassionly still filling in if needed. We look forward to welcoming her replacement soon. Jill works at our school and Tawonga P.S.  Moving to the Kiewa Valley recently to start to take life a bit slower, but we are so glad she took on this job. Both have been a great asset and are always happy to wave when you drive by.

Thank you for helping us stay safe.



Somers Camp

.....a report from Zoe and Shelby.



Leaving Home

On the cold crips Tuesday morning, I woke up at 5am! It was an early morning start; I got to leave and prepare myself to not have my parents company for nine whole days!  I said goodbye to Dad and Mum and I went off on the long trip to Wodonga.  Once we finally got to Willow Park, we met up with some of the othe kids from my school, and Falls Creek Primary: Mac, Hunter, Shelby, Tully, Beau.  I saw Olivia while I headed off to my bus, we had a chat and decided that we wanted to sit next to each other.  I got my bag on the bus, I said my final goodbye to Mum, and away we went. 


Making New Friends 

When we arrived to Somers after the long bus ride, we had an introdiction by one of the teachers, Katinka.  She showed us all around.  When that finished we were able to make some new friends.  My first friends were Bryn and Elvie. Bryn was nice and Elvie not so much.  About 3 days later, I became friends with girls called Emily, Jade, and Holly.  They were all probably my best friends on this camp but the problem was they were not in my group they were in my hut though.


Favourite Activity 

My favorite activity was the flying fox.  Some people's favourite was the challenge swing but I agreed to disagree.  The flying fox was fun and you got multiple turns, unlike to challenge swing: you only got one go and the rest of the time you were pulling people up the swing, I mean the swing was fun, but the flying fox was better.


Leaving The Experience

On the last night we had a campfire, heaps of us where crying because we didn't want to leave the new friends we had made (I mean I was crying a little bit too.)  When we got on the bus in the morning I was almost crying, I did not want to leave these amazing people. However, I could not wait to be home!


Written by Zoe Redmond



Getting up, and leaving home.  

On the cold crisp morning, 22nd August, the camp started.  When we got out of the car I saw Zoe, Tully, Mac, Hunterand Beau.  The other kids from our school; Josiah and Bella, I didn't see them on the morning, they were a bit later.


Making Friends. 

I sat next to Hunter at first but then we moved and he sat next to someone else, that's when I made friends with Ruby, Elsie, Lizzie, Paige and Sienna.  I met some boys that were really kind, Jake, Oscar and Aiden.


Huts and getting to know the place. 

When we got there we finally found our bags you had to go to your hut, that;s when you said where you were from and your name.  You had twenty in your hut and we had the best hut teacher, Carol.  She took us all around the camp.


My Favourite Activity. 

My favourite activity was the giant swing or the flying flox.  The giant swing you had a longer go on but it was only one go.  The flying fox you got more goes, but they where shorter turns, but I felt more safe on it.


Written by Shelby Taylor