Principal's Message

Picnic Tables Have Arrived


Our brand-new picnic tables have arrived! These two picnic tables have been acquired through our collective fundraising efforts and would not be possible without all the support from families and the community. 


The primary goal behind these picnic tables is to provide a cozy gathering spot for our students, particularly during break times. There's an even more special purpose these tables are set to serve – our beloved kitchen garden program. As we all know, the kitchen garden program is a space where students not only learn about nature, sustainability, and the joy of growing their own food, but also develop essential life skills. It is going to be fantastic to see the students come together and enjoy the food they've created. 


The tables do not look like the photo below at the minute. We have to admit, putting together these picnic tables will require effort! But with a little time, teamwork, and a handful of tools, we'll soon have these tables ready for everyone to enjoy. If anyone out there would like to lend a hand, then we'd most certainly take you up on the offer.


Thank you once again to everyone who contributed to making these picnic tables a reality. 

School Value Flags


While going through some items recently, we stumbled upon our school values flags carefully stored away in our shipping container. We got to work cleaning them up and with a bit of elbow grease, we managed to get them looking vibrant again. These flags are now flying proudly at the front of our school, reminding everyone of the values that define our community. 



DET Communication


As we reach the Term 3 finish line, the Department of Education has put out information around the safety and well-being of everyone in schools. Everyone deserves to feel a sense of belonging in the school grounds. Kindness and respect go a long way. It's not just for students – it's for all of us, adults included.  If you're curious about what behaviours are expected of us in Victorian school communities, there's a great resource you can check out to learn more: "Respectful Behaviours in Schools" over at Let's keep spreading those good vibes and making our school a place where everyone feels valued and safe. 


Basketball Ring


Our basketball system is officially in action, and it's been quite a hit! We've managed to get it up and running, even if it's just a temporary setup for now. It's been an absolute delight seeing our students dive into the world of basketball (my personal favourite sport). From taking those daring shots to engaging in friendly mini-games, the court has become a hub of activity during break times. 


2023 Parent / Caregiver / Guardian Opinion Survey


Information about the Opinion Survey was sent out two weeks ago and we have received 3 responses out of the 32 families we've got at Bolinda Primary School. Please check the announcements on uEducateUs for the login details so that you're able to provide your thoughts and feedback to the school.


Book Week Celebrations


It was a special week of celebrating the world of books and sparking imagination.


Book Week Parade: The highlight of the week was undoubtedly the mesmerizing Book Week Parade that took place on Thursday. Our students, filled with enthusiasm and creativity, transformed into their favourite book characters. The parade was a rainbow of colours, with heroes and heroines from beloved stories! 


Family Reading Time: Following the parade, families gathered for a cozy Family Reading Time with their little ones. It was such an enjoyable time seeing the joy the children got by reading with their parents. 


Picture Storybook Voting: As part of our Book Week celebrations, our students had the wonderful opportunity to read and explore the captivating shortlisted picture storybooks. And they also cast their votes for the prestigious Picture Storybook of the Year award! It was great to witness our young readers exercising their voice and choice in selecting their favourites.


We firmly believe that reading is a gateway to a world of imagination, knowledge, and empathy. Book Week holds a special place in our hearts because it's a chance to light the spark of reading in a playful and engaging manner. 



Fathers Day Stall


Mark your calendars for next Wednesday, August 30th – that's when our Father's Day Stall will be held. We recommend that the kids bring along up to $8 each. Our gifts come in a range of prices, starting from $2 and going up to $5. If there are any goodies left over, we'll be offering them for purchase after the stall, so no one misses out.


Remember to have your child pack some gold coins or smaller notes. Unfortunately, we won't be able to provide change for large notes. While our Fundraising Committee is the engine behind this event, it's all about community, not profit. Our aim is to break even and make everyone's day a bit brighter. Thanks for the support. 


Junior School Council


I had the chance to sit down with the Junior School Council this week and they shared their thoughts with me about our school. A suggestion that popped up was creating a shelter over the sensory garden. The idea is to give our students a chance to have a blast in the sandpit, rain or shine. It was a terrific idea, one that showed genuine care for the students of our school.


They also wanted more lines for downball. It's great to see the enthusiasm for this classic game. They also brought up the importance of having some solid rules in place for downball matches. So that things were fair and square for everyone.


What was certainly pleasing to hear was the JSC's take on our school environment. They mentioned that the students are feeling content and that the school has a welcoming vibe. They spoke about everyone being very inclusive and that you get the sense just by talking to others that students are calm and happy. We also spoke about a number of initiatives that I hope take off in the near future. 


Yarning Circle

A new chapter has begun as we dive into the creation of our yarning circle, and the enthusiasm from our students is simply inspiring. It's a joy to see them roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty during break times, shovelling mulch to create the groundwork for this space. 


Our yarning circle is taking shape as an area surrounded by native plants, designed with the intention of serving as a hub for classes or groups of students. This concept draws inspiration from the yarning circles that Indigenous peoples have used for countless generations. These circles are spaces where knowledge is shared and respectful relationships are fostered.


Jordan Chamerski