Greece & Italy Trip

This September, we had the honour of going on the SCHS Greece-Italy Tour, exploring Greece and Italy for 2½ weeks.


We started the tour in Greece, where the days were filled with sun-drenched weather, the aroma of souvlaki, delicious snacks and beautiful historical wonders. It truly was such a momentous experience to be able to visit these sites and be immersed in the history we had only known about from literature and other learning materials. Walking through the footsteps of ancient civilisations, we marvelled at sites like Delphi, Mycenae, Nafplion, Corinth and Olympia, the birthplace of the original Olympic Games, where we had a sprint against each other, the winner Nikhil taking home an olive leaf crown. Special mention to our dedicated bus drivers, whose warm smiles made every journey a joy. Guided by passionate tour guides, our visits to museums and archaeological sites were more than educational - they were windows into the rich past that came alive through captivating storytelling.


We continued our tour, taking a short flight to Naples, to travel around Italy.  The weather was, again, much hotter than we were used to, but couldn't dampen our spirits as we savoured delicious food and absorbed the beauty around us. Exploring cities from a local perspective, every corner revealed a new facet of Italy’s charm.


Our first stop in Italy, Naples, charmed us with its vibrant street life. We explored the historic city centre, where narrow cobblestone streets led us to the bustling markets. 


Our journey continued to the eternal city of Rome, where ancient wonders and modern vibrancy coexist seamlessly. The Colosseum stood as a testament to the grandeur of the Roman Empire, while Vatican City, with St.Peter’s Basilica, left us in silent admiration. The city’s busy streets offered a perfect blend of history and contemporary Italian life, and every gelato stop felt like a sweet pause in time.


After visiting beautiful Siena, we enjoyed a peaceful night in a hotel in the middle of the Tuscan countryside with postcard views of the hills. In Florence, we were treated to an authentic cooking class. We worked in groups to create a meal of salad, pasta and panna cotta. The process was almost a disaster… most of us proving to be less than capable chefs.


Our Italian adventure reached its crescendo in Venice, the city of canals and timeless romance. Gondola rides along the winding waterways offered a unique perspective of this floating city, while the intricate architecture of St.Mark’s Square left us truly mesmerised. Its maze-like streets and vibrant markets, invited us to lose ourselves in its unparalleled charm.


A special shout out to Antonio, our affable bus driver in Italy, who became a familiar and friendly face, adding a personal touch to our daily adventures.

A massive thank you to: Ms Fenby, Ms Nguyen, Ms Guastella, Mr Campbell, Mr Drummond and our amazing Tour Director Danae. This experience wouldn’t have been possible without them.


Overall, everyone on the 2023 Greece Italy Trip can agree that it was a most special experience that we are all so grateful to have gone on, and have come out of with new perspectives and friendships. It was more than a journey; it was a celebration of shared moments, laughter, and challenges that have forged bonds that have left a mark on our hearts. 


Emma B4, Audrey K1, Tvisha B6, Akshainie B2