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2023 SCHS Short Film Fest


Lights, Camera, Action: Celebrating the Stars of Our School Short Film Fest!

I am thrilled to announce the results of our recent Short Film Festival, where our talented students showcased their creativity, technical skills, and storytelling prowess. This year, as a signature item, the students had to include a heart in any shape of form in their film. The event would not have been possible without the passion and dedication of our budding filmmakers.

3rd Place: Armaan Lambra’s ‘Heart in a Jar’

In the third spot is Armaan Lambra who crafted a thriller with a twist that kept the audience on the edge of their seats. The ability to surprise and engage viewers is an art, and Armaan showed us how it’s done. 


2nd Place: Haris Mohamed Umar’s ‘Heartstone’ 

Securing the second position is Haris Mohamed Umar, whose film demonstrated impressive skills in Blender. The integration of the signature item, a heart, as a character of its own, showcased a unique and imaginative approach to animation. It's a testament to the creativity thriving within our student body.


1st Place: Ayaan Shinah’s ‘Getting Back Up’

Taking home the top prize is Ayaan Shinah with the captivating film "Getting Back Up." This video game style novel not only presented an intriguing narrative but also showcased Ayaan’s technical skills. The fusion of storytelling and technical expertise truly set this film apart.


Honourable Mention: Aleeza Shaikh’s ‘Personal Journey’

A special mention goes to Aleeza Shaikh for creating a piece celebrating enjoying everyday’s simple moments. This entry stood out for its personal touch, demonstrating the power of simple storytelling.

A heartfelt thank you to all the entrants who poured their time, energy, and creativity into their films. Your dedication has not gone unnoticed.

A big shout out to the ADT faculty staff for seamlessly integrating the Film Festival into the Showcase. Your support and commitment to fostering creativity in our students are truly commendable.

As we wrap up this year's festival, I am excited to announce that the Short Film Festival will return next year! We encourage all aspiring filmmakers to start planning their next creation. The signature item and new guidelines will be published shortly. Entries will be due on the first day of Term 3, so mark your calendars and get those creative juices flowing.

Once again, congratulations to the winners and a sincere thank you to everyone involved. 

Magali Bourkel

Media Teacher and Short Film Fest Organiser


(Ayaan Shinah, C9) 
(Haris Mohamed Umar, B3)
(Armaan Lambra, K6) 
(Aleeza Shaikh, C1)
(Ayaan Shinah, C9) 
(Haris Mohamed Umar, B3)
(Armaan Lambra, K6) 
(Aleeza Shaikh, C1)