VCE Results, VTAC and Offers


In Term 3, Year 12 students submitted their Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) applications. Now that exams are complete, it is a great time to review these applications. Mr Taig and Ms Holmes have reviewed all student’s course preferences and emailed individualised advice. Students should read this advice and login to the VTAC website to check their preferences before the VCE results and ATAR are released on 11 December. Students can adjust their VTAC course preferences up until 13 December based on their finalised VCE results.


Mr Taig and Ms Holmes will be available to assist students via email and Webex between 11 and 13 December. This will be a very busy time for us, so please be patient. Students can also seek support by contacting VTAC or the universities or visiting universities for a Change of Preference Event. Change of Preference events are a great opportunity to visit any universities students missed on the Open Day.


Year 12 students, and any other students completing a Unit 3/4 subject should create an account with the VCE Results and ATAR Service. This will allow students to easily access their ATAR and Study Scores on 11 December.


VTAC Dates:

  • ATAR release: 11 December (7am)
  • Change of Preferences closes (for December offers): 13 December (4pm)
  • December offers released: 21 December (2pm)
  • Change of Preference closes (for January Round 1 offers): 22 December (4pm)

Change of Preference Events (visit the VTAC website for additional events):

Victoria University: Build Your Future with VU: 12 December, 1 – 4pm