Achievements & Results

Berthe Mouchette Competition


In Term 3, our dedicated students from Years 9 to 12 participated in the Berthe Mouchette competition, an event that celebrates the richness of the French language and culture. It offers two challenging categories for participants: reciting an imposed poem by heart or engaging in a discussion on a Francophone topic of their choice, all conducted entirely in French. This competition is a platform for students to showcase their linguistic skills and cultural understanding, and this year, our students truly shone.


Three of our outstanding students emerged as finalists with a perfect score of 100%! Please join us in congratulating Nomaan Quraishi and Tora Kwansah in year 10  and Carol Danial in year 12 . Their exceptional achievements are a testament to their hard work, dedication, and passion for the French language.

Nomaan Quraishi
Tora Kwansah
Carol Danial
Nomaan Quraishi
Tora Kwansah
Carol Danial


As a department, we are incredibly proud of the achievements of Nomaan, Tora and Carol. Their success reflects their individual dedication. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to them and thank all the students who participated in the Berthe Mouchette competition this year, contributing to the vibrant French language community at our school.

Félicitations encore à nos brillants élèves!

Bien cordialement,


Magali Bourkel

French teacher


Western Metropolitan Region Intermediate Hockey Finals 


The “Undefeated” Hockey Team


As you may be aware, the intermediate SCHS hockey team made regionals after two victories in July. The next tournament was to be held in October and the team had some time to prepare for this next level, training twice a week for 3 months. Time flew by and before we knew it, we were taking the bus to Geelong where it would take place.


Geelong Hockey Club was a better venue than the first one but so were our opponents: we were up against Footscray then Geelong HS. The first match was a safe, 3-0 win against Footscray HS as we warmed up to take on a more experienced team.


The SCHS team felt pretty confident going into the next match against Geelong HS and even started off strong with Jay scoring a brilliant goal in the first half. However, after the start of the second half, things took a turn as Geelong found a breakaway and scored a goal which left our whole team startled. We knew it was time to switch on and consistently had attempts to score but Geelong’s defence had also toughened up and we ended up  1-1 when the refs blew the whistle, calling time. 


The next match to be played was Footscray and Geelong and to advance to the finals, Geelong had to score more than 3 goals to proceed. Footscray immediately began to play on the defence, while Geelong continuously hammered them with their attack. Because of this, the Footscray defence would eventually break and Geelong would begin to score in quick succession, hoping to move forward. As the refs called time, the scoreboard stood at 4-0 Geelong’s way. The SCHS hockey team was left undefeated yet still unable to move on, but hopefully next year we can stay undefeated but also win regionals.


Abhijit G, R5, Team Captain 

Intermediate Girls and Boys Table Tennis State Finals


On the 15th and 24th of November, both the Intermediate girls and boys team went to the state finals for table tennis, respectively. Training everyday for two weeks straight in the S-wing before the finals, both the girls and boys played their hearts out against the best schools from all around Victoria. Both teams made it to the semis, with the girls being agonisingly close to making it to the finals, losing in the number of sets.

Congratulations to both teams on becoming the equal third best table tennis school in both intermediate girls and boys divisions in Victoria for 2023!


Mr Tran (Maths Faculty Coordinator)


Likitha Kujala has been published by Meuse Press


Year 11 student Likitha Kujala has had a number of successes with writing competitions, including winning the 2021 Spirit of Anzac Prize. She has now had a poem published in an online anthology of South Asian writers living in Oceania, published by Meuse Press and edited by Raj Nair and Les Wicks. This is a huge achievement: Likitha’s ode ‘all I want to be’ has been selected to feature alongside a range of established adult poets. It’s a lyrical piece that makes effective use of repetition. Congratulations, Likitha.


You can view Likitha's poem along with other writers at

Helen Jarvis, English Faculty



Edited by Raj Nair and Les Wicks

The Age Essay Prize


Siya Gauri Singh in year 10 has been awarded the winner of the The Age/Dymocks Essay Prize for students aged 14 to 18 for her piece The ‘Fare’ Route for Victorian Students: Free Public Transport, in response to the prompt “What is the one law you would change and why?”


Samuel Booker in Year 9 and Tvisha Joshi in Year 11 were finalists in this prestigious competition in the same age category, with Tvisha being highly commended, Both Siya and Tvisha received $500 from Dymocks and a 12 month Age subscription. Tvisha commented this will be particularly useful going into Year 12 next year.


Tvisha's essay also addressed the same prompt as Siya, however in her essay she addressed The British Museum Act of 1963 which forbids the return of historical artefacts to their countries of origin.


Sam's essay was essay was in response to "What Makes You Happy".


Currently Siya is overseas on holiday but in her interview to the Age, she said " she was encouraged to submit to the essay competition by her school’s “vibrant” English faculty."


You can read the full article below.


Well done all of you. We encourage you to keep writing!


Sam and Tvisha with the copy of the Age article
Sam and Tvisha with the copy of the Age article