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Valentine's Day Stall 2024


Are you painfully single? Do you question the day you will finally find someone who can accept you and love you for who you are? Well we can definitely NOT help you with that! (sorry) What we can help you with however is showing appreciation to the people around you.


Forget that Valentine's day was made for couples! They have enough happiness in their lives to begin with. In the upcoming 2024 Valentines Day Stall, planned by your citizenship captains, prepare for new, exciting changes for all to enjoy!

For those who happen to either be in platonic or romantic relationships, buying your significant other / friends a rose is SCIENTIFICALLY proven to improve your relationship satisfaction by 113% (source: just trust us). Make sure to do so! 


If you are looking to express some self love or pretend that you have a secret admirer, that’s okay too! We’re all for it. Come buy yourself something nice because you deserve some self appreciation and love too.


All proceeds of course will be donated to The Australian Red Cross who partakes in some amazing work, seeking to bring people and communities together in times of need.


More information to be given next year.

We look forward to this event and hope to make your Valentine's Day memorable!


Your 2024 Citizenship Captains,

Zahara (R3) and Iti (K4)


Swimming Carnival - Week 2 Term 1

The swimming carnival will be in Week 2 next term, so make sure to start planning your costumes over the holidays.

Remember house points are awarded for House Spirit so make sure to make your house proud.