Head of Boarding Update

We have seen an awesome number of students return to Melbourne to start the new school year!


We currently have the pleasure of hosting and caring for 21 students in our Year 7 House, 26 students across our two Senior Fellas’ Houses and 35 students in our Senior Girls House.


I would like to thank our MITS families for getting their children ready for their arrival or return to living and learning in Melbourne, and appreciate that parting with them may carry mixed emotions of sadness, pride and excitement.


Alongside our Child Safety obligations, Duty of Care is taken very seriously by all staff at MITS, with Active Supervision a priority for Boarding Teams in 2024. Staff on duty in our Houses are expected to know what students are present at each House, where they are and what they are doing at all times. 


We encourage families to check in on their children regularly through phone calls to the House mobile phones.  Families can speak with Boarding staff about how their child/children are engaging in their Boarding and School Program outside of school hours or speak with House Managers during school hours.


The MITS Boarding Teams have been working with the students in each House to establish strong routines and clearly communicate Boarding rules and consequences with students on a regular basis. This is to ensure students feel prepared for school each day, they are safe and happy in our Boarding Houses and are developing their personal, interpersonal, and social skills whilst away from home. Family support of our routines, rules and consequences is important to our Boarding Program and very much appreciated by our staff.


I look forward to seeing our students thrive in our Boarding Program at MITS this term, both in their school achievements and living on Richmond Hill.


Lia Bartholomew

Head of Boarding and Wellbeing