Student Wellbeing

Vianney's Values - RESPECT

We have been focusing on the value of respect. The students have been learning about how you can show respect to others, with a particular focus on staff, classmates and friends. It would be great if you could continue the discussion at home and use the same language, to help embed our values into our school community. 

What do the students think?

Grade 1/2 FP

Amalia: Respect is when you need to listen to others when they are talking.

Alex: Take good care of others.

River: You show respect when you follow directions. 



Cuba: Be nice to other children and your Mum and Dad.

Thea: Thinking of others and being good to them.


Grade 2

Alice: Respect means taking care of others the way you want to be treated. Do good things even when you're not asked. 


Grade 4

Elroy: When you listen to someone and you don't interrupt them. 


Grade 6

Liam: Helping people when they need it.

Gigi: Treating others how you like to be treated. You need to think about what you say to people before you say it. 


Emotional Regulation and Respect

We are exploring the connection between our emotions and actions. When we are experiencing uncomfortable emotions, such as frustration or worry, it can have a significant impact on our thoughts and actions. 


Some classes have been discussing the importance of using coping strategies to help you feel calm, so you can communicate calmly and respectfully,


The Zones of Regulation is a good resource to enhance the children's awareness of emotional literacy. If you are in the blue, yellow or red zone, it can affect how you interact with others. We need to use coping strategies to help our body (the amygdala in the brain) feel calm again. Once you are feeling calm, then you can communicate in a respectful way.