Parents, Teachers & Friends and School Advisory Council 

PT&F Committee Members                                      School Advisory Council Members

President - Jenni Hird                                                     Parish Priest - Fr Kingsley 

Vice President - Emily Pengilley                              Principal - Pauline Long                                 Secretary – Ashleigh Stevenson                                Chairperson - Michelle Cortis

Treasurer – Clare Lee                                                    Secretary - Kate Thompson

Fundraising -   Janet Bhardwaj                                 Finance -   Tracey Klitsch                               School Advisory Rep - Kate Thompson                    Member - David Lee

                                                                                             Member - Robyn Wilson  

                                                                                             Member - Charlie Simkin



The fundraiser for this term is through Picture Products.  We are be offering 3 products which include a melamine plate, ceramic or plastic mug and a calendar.   Each requires a separate template. 


The process will be: 

  1. Orders will be made through the PT&F square QR code (see attached 2nd flyer).
  2. Orders must be made by the 4th June.  Once the order/s have been paid for, templates will be sent home for the students to decorate. Templates cannot be rolled, folded, creased or damaged in any way to be successful.  
  3. Templates will need to be back at school by June 21st. (No late artworks will be accepted after this date.) These will then be sent to Picture Products for processing.
  4.  Artworks should then be back at school for collection by Week 5 in Term 3.