Pastoral Wellbeing

With many events coming up soon where your children may be participating, please take the time to familiarise yourselves with our school photography policy which may be found on the St Mary's Primary School website. St Mary's staff make every effort to provide families and the community with a visual record of school events, ensuring consent and safety for all students involved. An excerpt of the policy can be found below:


CHILD SAFETY POLICY Photographing, Filming and Recording (Students)


CES Ltd and schools are committed to maximising the educational and social benefits of photography and video/recording/film while taking all reasonably practicable steps to manage the risks to student safety and wellbeing arising from the inappropriate taking and use of such images (photographs, videos/recordings/films). It is the policy of CES Ltd and schools that they will: 

 • take all reasonably practicable measures to manage the ability and access of all persons to take photos or videos of students on school premises or at school-related activities and events 

• obtain the consent of relevant parents/carers/guardians in taking, using and publishing images (photographs, videos/recordings/films) of students on the Enrolment Agreement – Additional Enrolment Documentation 

• supervise and manage the taking of photographs and videos/recordings/films by students of other students while on school premises and at school-related activities and events 

• address parents/guardians/carers taking and publishing photographs and videos/recordings/films of students at school-related activities and events, through ongoing communication and education

• manage the risks to privacy by professional photographers and videographers through contractual undertakings 

• reserve the right to decide whether a particular person has the right to take photographs and videos/recordings/films on school premises or at school-related activities and events.


3.14 Photography or videos/recordings/films by parents/carers/guardians

The school acknowledges that parents/carers/guardians will want to take photographs or videos/recordings/films of their children while they are engaged in school-related activities, and that in practical terms, the school may not be able to control when images are taken and how they are used. However, the school will communicate with parents/carers/guardians on an ongoing basis to ensure they understand the risks of publishing the photographs or videos/recordings/films and how to best protect the students’ safety and privacy.