A Special Tribute to Anne Boyd csb





In Loving memory

Sr Anne Boyd csb

3 January 1943-12 September 2023






In September the community mourned the loss of Anne Boyd. As we all knew, Anne was instrumental in the setting up of Kildare Ministries and a wonderful advocate for our work. Her encouragement, accompaniment, words of wisdom and advice were without measure.  We miss her so very much. 


A gentlewoman of deep faith, committed to the Gospels and known for her appreciation for the natural world and all its living creatures. A woman who gave without measure love, courage, compassion and commitment to everything she did and whatever she undertook. She was a creative, insightful and wise woman who accompanied many of us on our journey of discovery of the divine, of the sacred and caring for mother earth.  


Many wonderful tributes have been written and spoken in memory of Anne.  Of her Educational Leadership was said:

Anne’s visionary leadership, meticulous planning and strategic implementation has left a lasting legacy in Catholic Education. These skills were honed as a young principal at Killester in the 70s and refined through the amalgamation of Colleges in Wangaratta to Galen in the 1980s. Committee Member and President of Principals Association of Victorian Catholic Secondary Schools (1983-1987) is one among many examples of her insight into the need to support and form educational leaders across the system. Subsequent ministries revealed education as a key element of Anne’s legacy. Anne was a true, authentic and outstanding educator. 

Anne was a pioneer in so many ways, dedicated to the Gospels and the Brigidine values and stories and a wonderful role model to us all. We were fortunate to have known her and worked with her but more than that, how honoured we are that she shared with us all her many talents, gifts and dreams. 


May she rest now in God’s loving embrace.