Term 1 is coming to a close and English students have been working hard writing creatively, persuasively, analytically and always imaginatively. Students have been exposed to new and interesting modes of texts such as films, speeches, short stories, plays, novels and many more. The English faculty are so pleased with how our English students have risen to the challenges of this term.


An important educational program to ensure students are meeting their literacy goals is the NAPLAN tests which took place in week 7. Years 7 and 9 students took a break from their regular learning to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of writing, reading and conventions of language. I would like to applaud all students for completing these important programs to the best of their ability. 


Here are some firsthand experiences of some Years 7 and 9 students:


Writing Naplan was a unique experience for me because it was the second time we’d done it instead of the third. It was an experience that wasn’t that hard because our teachers were very helpful in setting us up and dealing with any technical difficulties. We got a prompt for a narrative, the prompt being ‘The Window’. After asking people what they wrote about, I learnt we all had very different ideas for what the prompt could be referring to. 


Yes, it was slightly stressful being in a silent room in a test, but it was also sort of nice, as it was just us with our thoughts, our creativity able to run wild without interruptions. I enjoyed Naplan and believe we had a very good experience of it.

Keira Nixon
Keira Nixon

Keira Nixon Year 7


Over the past week, Year 7s and 9s have been preparing for the one and only…NAPLAN. Although this is not the most desired event amongst some students, we have been trying our absolute best to ensure success and put our best foot forward! From the endless Maths worksheets to the abundance of English revision, we have been working non-stop to the lead up of this nationwide assessment. 


With three tests already completed and one underway, we are feeling a huge weight being lifted off our shoulders. Luckily for the Year 9s, this is our last year having to take part in NAPLAN and we're either going to leave it as a fond memory of the past or try to completely forget about it. Either way keep pushing forward!!


As we reach the last stage of this journey, I impart some words of encouragement: keep persevering, we're almost there. You’ve got this!

Lereesha Govender Year 9


Wishing everyone a very happy holiday break. I implore students to consume a variety of texts and media in their break for pleasure as well as education, such as novels, podcasts, news articles, films and tv programs, I encourage it all. Looking forward to another bustling term of English in Term 2. 


Charlotte Douglas

English Learning Area Manager